About Javra Software

Our Story

Javra Software has been transforming the traditional ways of business functioning with its client base in the Europe, Asia and USA. With the belief of facilitating and delivering high quality solutions to meet the growing technological needs; Javra’s concrete foundation was laid in the year 1999 in The Netherlands. Since 2006, i.e for the past ten years, we are also operating through our offshore office with a team of brilliant professionals in Nepal.

Javra Software is the center of excellence in software development, progressive technology and innovation and has 25+ years of experience and expertise in progress technology. Javra provides cost effective IT services and solutions such as Modern Web Apps, Mobile Apps, Big Data/Business Intelligence and

What we do

We give offshore outsourcing services and IT solutions to our clients worldwide through our Head office in The Netherlands and offshore office in Nepal.We are a full-stack service provider with knowledge of all aspects of business IT.

Javra Software uses a distributed software model to deliver high quality services as an answer to a more cost-effective and competitive business. With focus on innovation, excellence and customer satisfaction, we cater to every specific business need. We specialize in iOS, Android, Microsoft Technology Stack, Node.js, and Progress Software and help organizations with their challenges regarding maintenance and development of business applications, big data/bi, mobile and web apps and E-commerce, ERP.

Our Services


IT Projects with full delivery responsibility


Dedicated and flexible teams to work directly with you

Service Level Agreements (SLA)

Maintenance and servicing of business applications

We value

Spirited employee engagement

Passion of our employees and commitment for their work is one of the reasons for our longevity and success. Our employees are capable of thinking out of the-box and are passionate for their work.

Unity in Diversity

We believe in creating an atmosphere, where every team member feels like one big unit, without losing their own individuality. We are united in diversity.

Socio-Work Balance

We value hard work of our people and we understand the need to re-energize them. We have various events in place so as to provide the socio-work balance.

Social Responsibility

We are a socially responsible organization and believe in creating a difference to the lives of people in the society. We are committed to contribute to society’s wider goal of sustainable development.