Big Bang Event Chitwan, 2015

December 31, 2015 0

On December 24, 2015 Christmas Eve, a cold, chilly winter evening, as planned by Javra Social Club (JSC), employees of Javra set out from the premise of Javra Software building, at around 6:30 P.M and proceeded the journey towards one of the best travel destinations and top tourist attraction in Nepal; Sauraha, Chitwan National Park. It was a long distance night bus travel, enticing and safe along the wave and curly, hilly roads. Wintry wind blowing across the window of the bus was strong enough to almost flay the skin of our face but Ah! It was very refreshing. We could feel the bus moving forward and the wheels of the bus whirling down the road with a warbling journey song playing on the TV screen in front of us. The bus stopped for delicious Dinner, at a place called Krishnavir.

After 9 hours of Bus ride, it was a late check in at the Riverside Hotel named Nature Heritage Resort Sauraha. The rooms were assigned and we pulled our hats and scarves over our reddened ears and slipped inside our warm, cozy blankets and slept a few hours to approach a new day with new thought, new enthusiasm and a new hope.

Thanks to JSC team, The Christmas Friday became a very memorable one for all the employees present in Sauraha. Even on the coldest day of winter, the sun was bright in the sky, bringing joy to the hearts of everyone. The day started off right with a good breakfast. Then everyone were driving towards the jungle for Elephant Safari. An elephant safari is considered one of the best ways to spot wildlife. It was a thrilling experience for Javra Employees to enjoy the safari along with Jungle treks, getting a glimpse of wild animals like Rhino, large crocodiles, and heavenly looking Peacocks, along with Tanga ride, boat ride on the spree, visit to the elephant breeding farm, and playing popular card games for refreshment. As the evening progressed, everyone actively participated in a musical quiz contest, which was followed by an amazing BBQ feast. Every person got dressed up, looking ravishing, for the evening meal, announcement of results of JSC contest, the announcement of new JSC team and Tharu dance show. Tharu dance, a traditional cultural stick dance was an awesome sight to behold. Tharu dance, and booze party organized by JSC made the venue explode with music, and laughter of satisfaction.

We headed back to destination Kathmandu the next day on 26th of December. It was overall a great effort and event by Javra Social Club which helped every attendee of the Trip feel refreshed. Kudos to team JSC and all the employees who made the trip and event successful.

Three cheers to JSC, Javra employees and journey of rejuvenation!

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