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December 15, 2016 0

It’s surprising how we managed to do all the creative work with all those piles of files/papers stashed somewhere in the filing cabinet, sometimes dealing with misfiled documents and sometimes with lost information. But that was then.

With constant technological advancements, businesses have realized the need to be mobile ready, mainly because of the speed and access of communication channels with such technology. Mobile devices are now the access point as customers today use mobile for practically everything from conducting searches for any kind of business transactions. According to a recently conducted research for the year 2017, the number of mobile phone users is forecasted to reach 4.77 billion, which is huge.

Javra Software released the web version of Boondrive, a cloud based Digital Asset Management software earlier this year. Within this short span of time, Boondrive has been adopted in industries like: education/universities, Advertising and Marketing, Financial Institutions, Publication House, NGO/INGO to solve their digital asset management problems. And now, as promised, we have  proudly released  Boondrive Android app now available in Google Play Store for Android devices with version 4.0.3 and above. Don’t you worry, wait for you, aren’t much longer either; we shall soon release iOS App for iOS device users.

Boondrive mobile app reaches out with full capabilities of Boondrive web to your phone or tablet. With user-friendly design and functionalities, Boondrive app allows smooth flow of work. It helps you manage virtually any part of your personal or professional life as all the information you need is right at your fingertips.

Today, people are all addicted to their smartphones, which is a powerful tool for asset collection. Capturing high quality pictures and videos is easy with such tools, however, having  to have your laptop to move your digital files to your DAM system can be a hassle. Glad that phase is over! Boondrive app turns the overall user experience into pure delight with anytime, anywhere access solution added with offline retrieval of your digital assets.

With bulk upload, secure download, file tagging solution and search by tag functionality, the problem of “recovering” will no longer remain a problem, no matter the amount of digital files stored. Also, with any upload, you will find that the metadata associated with each file is included. This saves you from having to manually enter all the information like: author, file size, capture date etc. connected to the file.

Adding and assigning user specific roles have never been this easy and by controlling the entire operation; superadmin can easily add or delete users with unique roles given to them. This makes it a secure deal, and users can only exercise those powers/roles that has been assigned to them.

Versioning and commenting features are in place to make sure your creative work is never affected again. Make multiple versions of a file or revert to the original file uploaded, Boondrive app makes all of this a hassle free affair. Comment on files along with your collaborative team and get that productivity juice flowing no matter where you are. Boondrive app is there to aid you in your collaborative work.

An entirely new feature added is the personalization of your account. Now, with the new Boondrive app each user can upload a profile picture and set their identity.

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Well! Use your smartphones for a great digital experience smarties 🙂

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