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March 23, 2017 0

Marketing is at the heart of any business functioning/strategies. With globalization and rise of digital business, it has become crucial for marketers to speed up on today’s digital realities and create unique strategies to drive growth, brand interaction and customer satisfaction.

Every now and then a marketing personnel create new asset to add on to their marketing campaign. Similarly, companies are spending an increasing amount of their resources on collecting assets so that they can use it in their marketing efforts. With such exploding volumes of data and assets that needs to be shared and managed, marketers find themselves struggling to keep track of their files the traditional way.

A cloud based Digital Asset Management (DAM) Software like Boondrive provides a better solution to asset usage. Boondrive is a technology that simplifies organizational work process, increases efficiency in dealing with assets, minimizes errors and brand inconsistencies caused due to duplicate work or misuse of assets. It is a central repository that enables marketers to leverage and reuse their digital assets. With Boondrive, marketers can easily create and collect content, manage access controls, monitor use of different files, share files to other collaborators or clients and search files with the help of metadata tags.

Boondrive is a dynamic storage and delivery system that offers features such as storage, tagging, retrieval. With these features in place, marketers can quickly search and communicate about assets with their team members and clients. They will no longer suffer from loss of time and money caused because of difficulties in finding assets or duplicated work. Boondrive equips marketers regulate the process, communication and time, and enables them to fully take down manual hunt of assets.

Today’s business world is dominated by multichannel media world. It has become an absolute necessity for marketers to manage sharing and use of digital assets. Once an asset is shared; internally or externally, marketers need to track the usage of those assets. How are these assets being used? Did someone make changes in the final client copy of the file? Why did someone make a duplicate? Being aware of the usage of your assets is vital. Boondrive not only allows marketers to see and control the user’s access to assets (who can and should be managing those assets), but also provides much needed consistency in such a creative madness world with the help of versioning.

Collaborative work with Boondrive is effective and efficient. From this single platform, marketers can direct work from start to finish, collect feedback of all team members on a particular file by just commenting on it and send the right content to the right audience. Similarly, with anytime, anywhere access, your work will never suffer.

Boondrive can be confirmed as a secure repository of assets that guarantees marketers with the protection of assets in case of any technology failure or data loss. It also lets marketers revoke user’s access to certain file in case of outdated content, which prevents from any sort of asset management hassle.

Hence, DAM software like Boondrive is an essential marketing tool for every organization that is trying to achieve operational efficiency, reduced costs and competitive advantage. It can be more than just storing files to a rather structured and synchronized tool for your creative work process. Try boondrive today. We have 30 days free trial offer available.


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