Conflict on Cloud vs On-premise DAM Hosting

With fast paced globalization, business organizations have realized the need to go digital so as to be agile, innovative, customer focused, aligned and efficient. Among many technologies supporting digital transformation, Digital Assets Management Software (DAM) has demonstrated itself in the market as a key player.

Digital Assets Management Software (DAM) is an important tool that allows business to centralize, search, distribute and synchronize any digital content across diverse systems in a flexible way. It is the perfect solution to manage ever expanding quantity of digital assets.

Although businesses realize the numerous importance of this tool, the adoption rate in the industry is quite low. One of the main reasons for it is the conflict that organizations face while deciding on cloud or on-premise hosting of such DAM software. Below are guidelines that help evaluate which hosting is right fit for your organization:

On-premise DAM hosting

Team of highly qualified IT specialists
If your organisation has hired a team of technical specialists, you may consider hosting DAM on-premise. In this case, the DAM software is installed directly into your organization’s server and the associated infrastructure, storage, servers, networking and applications will be monitored and maintained internally by your organisation’s IT team.

IT Infrastructure
Large investments for technological infrastructure are required for on-premises hosting. This includes but are not limited to the acquisition of servers, storage, networking equipment, rack space, power, cabling and software. In such situation, the best scenario to reduce some of these costs is if your organization can leverage existing infrastructure.

Data Security is of greatest concern
While cloud servers are generally secure, if your organization hold highly sensitive assets that shouldn’t leave your organization’s network then the appropriate choice for you would be internal hosting of your DAM software. This would also be the best choice if the law or your organizational policy requires your assets to be isolated within your network.

High rate of internal users
If your organization have mostly internal users, then on premise hosting of your DAM software makes more sense. Even the best internet connections go down sometimes. By having your DAM solution on-site, your assets are always on hand and your users’ productivity is never harmed. Similarly, local networks are much faster than internet. This makes your users’ file upload and download process much faster.

Cloud DAM hosting

Limited start-up budget
Cloud hosting proves itself to be more cost-effective as it removes the need for physical and human resources along with other money exhausting equipments.

Absence of proper IT infrastructure and professionals
If your organization doesn’t have the appropriate infrastructure, equipment, IT professionals, technical know-how and do not wish to invest in such exhaustive physical resources then your go to option is the cloud. The cloud based DAM software allows your organization to get a kick out of high performing, cutting-edge software solution.

Prompt set-up and flexible resolutions
With cloud you can start right away by simply logging in. Cloud hosting allows immediate set-up without having your IT team involved. Similarly, there is no interruptions or downtime for maintenance and upgrades as all those are happening automatically behind the scene. So, if you want a prompt set-up and flexible resolution, Cloud hosting is your most convenient option.

Mobile solution-Anytime Anywhere access
With Cloud DAM your users will only need to access the internet. Wherever they are, whatever device they are using, they can start right off from where they left. With remote access, users productivity will no longer suffer.

Scalable as per need
Scalability will no longer be a concern when you move towards cloud solution. Cloud DAM allows you to easily adjust your storage package as per the increasing need of your digital contents and all of this with uninterrupted service. Now that’s brilliant.

No matter what conclusion you are at now, you already can relate to benefits of DAM software and have decided to integrate it in your business operations.

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