How can Digital Asset Management Software (DAM) benefit your company?

August 10, 2016 0

Technological advancements and globalization have created a need for business organizations to connect around the world. Storing, sharing and collaborations have become ever more important, due to which they are constantly looking for solutions to keep their digital assets secure and cohesive.

Digital assets are any form of electronic content owned by a company that is of value. Though there are various alternatives available in the market that enables storing and sharing of digital assets, Digital Asset Management Software provides much more.

Digital Asset Management Software (DAM) brings together people, process and data. It is a platform that manages all your digital assets such as images, audios, videos, documents, presentations, spreadsheets and many more in one central location. With features allowing anytime, anywhere retrieval, management, storing and sharing of your digital assets, your creative collaborations will be ever more cohesive and efficient.

With DAM Software in place, organizations can effectively deal with issues regarding multiple media file type, file sharing security and employee productivity in return. Employees can easily search for files, retrieve any digital assets and work with different media files while saving time and increasing core creative works. Another feature that organizations can take advantage from DAM Software is assigning different permission level and version control commenting. Thus, your files are safe as well as easily distributable and organizing, managing of digital assets become smooth.

Now everything is on cloud, enabling the centralized file storage, editing and maintenance.


Why Boondrive?

Boondrive is a perfect cloud based digital asset management software and it can serve as a very handy tool for file storage, sharing and handling. Its advantages include below mentioned things:

  • User-friendly; easy and efficient way to keep your files secure and cohesive
  • A central location to store, search, organize, edit and share all your digital files
  • Smart File Organization
  • Facilitates anytime, anywhere creative collaborations
  • Facilitates version control
  • File Commenting and Reply feature for easy communication while making edits in files
  • Efficient and effective work process, thus enhancing productivity
  • Security in Sharing: Role-Based Permission
  • Unrestricted support
  • Antivirus
  • Your Files are Totally secured and well distributable amongst your peers and colleagues.

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