Javra Software Nepal moves to Kumaripati

June 12, 2015 0

Javra Software Nepal has moved to a new location in Kumaripati with effect from May 25th 2015 due to 2 massive earthquakes that shook the entire nation on April 25th and May 12th respectively. The office building in Tinkune was left in a vulnerable condition as it faced numerous cracks and structural damage from both the earthquakes.

People were struggling to recover after the first earthquake and second major earthquake hit Nepal again within the span of 16 days. It was a working day for all the staff members and the entire building started shaking at 12:50 local time (UTC +5:45). The epicenter was southeast of Kodari (Sindhupalchowk District), 76 km northeast of Kathmandu – an area already affected by the 25 April earthquake.

The second quake caused even more destruction. The iconic Dharahara which was built in the 19th century is now in ashes killing thousands. It was a very tense situation and everybody was very concerned for the well being of their loved ones. Thousands of people were already on the street with no access to electricity, telephone, food, no homes to live due to which many continued to live in the tents with sleepless nights for several weeks thereafter.

Although Javra office was located on the 5th floor of the Neupane tower, all the staff members managed to vacate the building with no major casualties. Luckily none of their immediate family members were hurt. Despite the difficulties faced due to the earthquake and its aftershocks, technical resources of Javra Nepal worked to deliver client projects and services from multiple locations in Kathmandu Valley.

The new office building has four floors above ground and incorporates a design that is open and inviting with no compromise on view and light. Though the renovation work is still going on, we hope to see the renovated structural office space soon. We are incredibly excited to be in the new space, and we look forward to accelerating company’s growth as we continue to offer the same business standard from our new location. You may keep yourself updated with our latest posts by following our Blog Javra Software being socially responsible, held emergency meetings with all the managers headed by our CEO Frank Mollers and COO Shanti Pant. The decision was made to move out to a better place where employees could feel safe and work like before. But before that, it was important to contribute and help the people who got affected by this natural disaster. Many Javra members came forward to volunteer whilst others were already doing their bit through other sources. A donation account was setup to collect funds Worldwide. Javra Software Nepal and the Javra Social Club provided the relief materials for earthquake sufferers of Nuwakot and Pharping Suichatar. These places were one of the worst affected areas.

Javra members made visits to Chaharey of Nuwakot and Pharphing to give aid to around 200 families living in Nuwakot and 160 families living in Pharping respectively. People were really happy and emotional at the same time when they receive the aid. Immense appreciation for all the donations we received and the efforts of all Javra employees who volunteered.

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