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May 2, 2015 0
Roparun, Roparun App 2015

The Roparun is a relay race over 500 kilometers from Paris and Hamburg to Rotterdam (Coolsingel) held over the Whitsun weekend, starting May 23 and end on May 25. A total of 322 teams has registered to participate in Roparun 2015. The motto of Roparun is “Life add to the days where often no more days can be added to life.”

This sporting fundraising event is organized every year to support people with cancer. The Roparun event dovetails with the interests of the people for whom you are fundraising, as the teams make a genuine effort by organizing all kinds of actions.

Roparun App 2015

Javra Software is the official sponsor of Roparun 2015 App which is available in IOS and Android platform. By downloading Roparun app, all the users will be able to stay connected with their favorite team and latest news on the go.

Roparun 2015 App is designed with a concept of “Live stream event in your hand” as users will have access to live radio and video stream. It is a fun and fulfilling way to be updated with the live action.

Key features of the App include

Photos: Automated Photo process App shall support voice recognition functionality which means the photographer will be able to send photos automatically to the assigned category of the photo as and when he/she calls out the team name along with download, view, share and comment features for the clicked pictures.

  • Live Radio stream: The users can download and listen to what’s happening live.
  • Live Video stream: The users can watch and play live videos of Roparun event.
  • Teams: Locate and follow your favorite teams
  • Tracking: Track the progress of your team on the map
  • Twitter: Go social, follow and feed tweets
  • Location SMS: As a team member, you can transmit the position of a runner anytime helping in your team goals.

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