“The Great Egg drop” Challenge at office!

A team building activity held at Javra Software Nepal.

On June 19 2015 Friday, employees of Javra Nepal gathered together to relax their mind with team building entertaining activity called “The Great Egg drop” organized by Javra Nepal management and led by our new Office Manager Mr. Saroj Bhandari. It was a nice way for him to say ‘Hello’ to all the Javra staff.

Everyone assembled on the ground floor of our new office building, and staffs were divided into 10 groups coming from different departments . Each group were briefed on the egg drop challenge and were given materials like straws, tape, a paper and a piece of thread. The teams had to prepare a structure within 15 minutes to protect the egg from breaking from a two floor drop. Everyone seemed to enjoy the challenge, as all the employees tried to innovate and work together in making strategies to protect the egg from breaking. Fun and happiness is contagious; and this fun brought smiles on everyone’s face.

Though no teams were able to save their eggs from breaking; this activity helped flourish creativity and also made employees understand the value of time management and made us realize the application of physics in our life. It not only helped energize all the employees but also nurtured team spirit. The core idea of the game was to thrive team building, team interaction, prosper problem handling ability and to generate the importance of working in a team.

This was also an overwhelming experience for our new employees Prashant Ghimire, Prasanna Shrestha, and Bikey Nepali; as they got the chance to interact with existing employees and learn about team work which will help them to get familiar with the Javra working environment. They were enthusiastic about participating in the game and are also looking forward to such more activities in the future.