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June 12, 2017 0

Why do we need mobile app of a DAM software?? Answers to this question are as follows:

  • It’s the digital world. The world is going mobile and smart.
  • Real time asset creation is possible with mobile devices.
  • Mobile ready; Anytime, Anywhere access of digital assets for clients and third-parties.
  • Enterprise mobility is important in this competitive business environment to be upfront in any business scenario.
  • Mobile ensures more productivity; shorter time to market. A multi-market survey by Ovum reveals that 79 percent of employees in high growth markets believe constant connectivity with work applications enables them to do their jobs better (53.5 percent in mature markets).

According to Gartner, employees in today’s digital workplace use an average of three different devices in their daily routine, which will increase to five or six devices as technologies such as wearable devices and the Internet of Things (IoT) are coming into play.

Realizing this increasing adoption rate of mobile devices and need of business organizations for enterprise mobility, Boondrive, a Digital Assets Management Software released their Android app earlier this year. Boondrive app which can be downloaded from Google play store is the perfect solution for business organizations to make rapid and quick response to their digital assets needs. Whether creating a new asset, sharing your digital files with your clients and third parties or communicating with team members – Boondrive app makes all of it an easy ride. Reaching out to the full capabilities of Boondrive web to your phone or tablet, Boondrive app has user-friendly design and functionalities, online and offline access to all your digital files at your fingertips, providing flawless user experience.

For some business organizations, the ability to capture digital files and collaborate with team while working on the field, is business critical. When encountered with such needs, having a tool like Boondrive app is the most practical solution one can find that equips users with Real time digital footage, creation of new assets, preview, upload and sharing.

According to Harvard Business Review study 2016, the time the average employee spends collaborating has increased by 50% over the last two decades. Highlighting this fact, Boondrive app gives users the flexibility to work and collaborate with others from wherever and whenever they need. Boondrive’s mobile accessibility will make sure employees’ are not bound to a single location to perform their mission critical tasks. With instant email notification, users can practically take their resources with them “on the go”, are always up-to-date – thus, improving productivity and shortening time to market.

Download Boondrive Mobile App From Google App Store

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