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May 9, 2017 0
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Javra Software is a leading IT solution provider with its center of excellence in software development, progressive technology and innovation. Having 30 years of experience and expertise in progress technology, Javra has transformed the traditional ways of business functioning since its inception in the Netherlands in 1999. It has successfully established itself as a home to many global leaders for innovative tech solutions for many years.

As the world evolves, international trade barriers are reducing that have opened up new opportunities for businesses. With this, global competition for spreading business functions at locations that provides cost and quality advantages have gone to a whole new level. Javra Software truly understands this essence of international business and quality service. Javra Software’s initiation and understanding of progression and innovation has facilitated the development and growth of technology, international entrepreneurship and investment in a small landlocked country like Nepal by running offshore software development unit of its Netherlands headquartered company. Javra has run this offshore unit of Nepal for more than 10 years now that serves customers worldwide.

Nepal in recent times has emerged as one of the favored destinations for offshoring mainly because of the availability of large labor pool, qualified human resource with fluent English language skills, cost and project advantages, quality standards, and process expertise.

According to the Central Bureau of Statistics 2014 report, the unemployment rate in Nepal was 4.1 per cent. There is also significant under-employment, especially among the youth. With such prevailing situations, the upside of establishing offshore office in Nepal, like Javra Software, has to be the fact that it creates job opportunities and uplifts national economy. It strengthens the whole economic system of Nepal; employed population, less number of people going outside the country in search of a job, more payroll tax receipt all of which directly/indirectly increases Nepalese government’s contributions to social, educational and health sectors of the country. Thus, Javra takes immense pride in the fact that it is able to be a small force to help reduce Nepal’s immense trade deficit.

Client and service-provider relationship is a critical concern in any business organization. Javra Software is able to provide quality solutions to its customers at a much cost effective rates. Similarly, a favorable time difference of Nepal with Europe, helps maintain 24×7 operations and improves time to market.

Exposure of the European work culture and business practices to the Nepalese workforce is another advantage that this offshoring has provided. Punctuality/time management is one of the key work cultures that European business organizations value and getting this installed on their work directs their behavior towards valuing time extremely by keeping them upbeat which eventually increases their productivity. Also, multicultural work ethics add positivity in a working environment.

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