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Product Information Management (PIM) is the procedure of managing available products in the market and selling them through convenient distribution channels. Nowadays, PIM solution has become very popular. It brings all stakeholders, customers and partners in one platform which helps in keeping them informed. It manages all the crucial data, product attributes, packaging, promotion, labeling, marketing, sales, dimensions. It also helps in maintaining suppliers, customers and location information.

Today’s market is very competitive and dynamic, so businesses use Product Information Management solution to increase business efficiency, revenue growth and for the achievement of long term goals. It has a wide variety of scope as it provides central data management, maintenance and controlling of raw data, product information or any related content for one or more products of an organization. It is easy to integrate with all the existing ERP, DAM, CRM, E-Commerce Platform, Mobile Application and any other data source.

Who are the users?

  1. Marketers and Merchandiser to understand multiple sales channels.
  2. E-Commerce Admin who need to analyze and report about online sales.
  3. Buyers who keep track of relationship with suppliers.
  4. The Data Governance Manager who facilitates the development and implementation of data, quality standards, data protection standards and various standards across the organization.
  5. Business Analysts who find out frequently changing product characteristics and latest market trends.

Major Benefits of Using PIM Solution

  1. Helps in quality output with regards to new product introduction.
  2. Reduces data complexity, increases clarity and ease the integration of systems.
  3. Sharpens the end customer experience for search and navigation.
  4. Synchronizes Product Information across multiple enterprise systems in reliable and cost effective way.
  5. Robust Data Quality and High level of system performance.

Why use PIM Solution from Javra?

Javra can develop customizable PIM solution that covers all the crucial requirements of business houses. Integration of a cloud based digital asset management software like Boondrive in PIM solution simplifies many complex workflows in product maintenance, such as updating and editing new product images. It also helps to provide additional features like cropping, watermarking, resizing and automatic image enhancement for quality of service.

Additionally, we can also integrate a PIM solution with various E-commerce sites, ERP system and CRM tools.


The Product Information Management Solution enables business houses to prevent outdated information and factors affecting sales. It provides accurate information and includes informative datasheet, website, CRM system, manual and brochure that are required to operate the system. It also communicates with various suppliers, customers, and partners to maximize the efficiency and minimize the impact of changes on the sales cycle. PIM is the go-to tool for businesses worldwide.


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