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Progress Services

  • ABL / 4GL
  • CHUI / GUI / .Net / HTML
  • Digital Transformation
  • Modernization
  • Web Services
  • Corticon
  • BPM
  • Maintenance

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We have been providing seamless Progress Services to clients worldwide through our offshore office in Nepal since 2006 and fromĀ 
The Netherlands since 1987. We have over 100 employees working in our offshore team, so we can offer experienced expertise for businesses of any size at absolute cost effective rates that cannot be found in Europe and the USA.

Why Javra's Progress Services?

  • Business relevant, standard and high level Progress Services for ongoing and existing projects.
  • Javra Progress Services are rapid, enhancing and constantly focusing on improving quality.
  • Mature and time tested Progress practice makes extending functionalities in existing applications very smooth.
  • Strong customer service and customer satisfaction with timely delivery of projects.