Rapid Mobile App Development & Its Business Value

July 21, 2017 0
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Recently, mobile app development has flooded the market. An increasing number of smartphone users in the global market have enabled a tremendous increase in the number of mobile apps. Mobile is a portable device that can easily fit in everyone’s pocket and for companies it helps target potential customers easily. Hence, more and more companies are developing their own business apps and are using these apps to promote business and products.

For some successful business houses, mobile apps have become their brand identity and their businesses are completely relying on mobile apps. For example; people have to stay in queue for hours for their utility payment, this develops difficult situation. With the development of mobile apps for various kinds of bill payments, people can comfortably use it to pay their bills which not only helped save their valuable time but also made their life easy.

According to a market research, it was found that individuals spend 52% of their time on digital media specially on mobile apps. This result also helps to show that enterprises are generating a lot of revenue from usage of mobile apps and are giving tough competition to players in the market. Some of the ways in which mobile apps create business values are as follows:

  • Brand awareness and Boosting traffic:

Brand awareness is very crucial as it creates long lasting impression to customers and prospects. Mobile apps plays significant role in brand awareness by increasing degree of visibility. For example; If a person installs your app, then your company logo will be displayed in their devices which will trigger them about your brand, every time they use it.
Boosting traffic is not an easy job as it requires tactical marketing strategies, promotion and higher cost. With the development of mobile apps, boosting website traffic has been comparatively easy. Apps with user-friendly experience create good impression and lasting reputation for your business and brand.

  • Provide significant value to customers:

Mobile revolution has offered handy apps to the customers for a great user experience. These apps provide close interactions between customers and businesses which helps to promote sales. Interactions and other promotional business offers provide significant value to customers, which they cannot get anywhere else. Business owners can define a rule, such that more people can interact with business and product which in turn will get points and can be used to redeem any kind of payments and/or be used on great deals.

  • Information for newly launched products:

Business houses usually launch a wide variety of products that needs more promotion and advertisement. In field like digital marketing; mobile apps play a vital role to boost the information about newly launched as well as existing products. Business houses can simply send push notifications about new products to every app user with no extra cost.

  • Competitive advantage:

A frequent interaction with your customer via app provides information about your competitors. Unsatisfied customer generally tends to submit complaints or feedbacks which can be used to know their actual problems and your competitor’s new move in the market. Once your competitors bring new offers in the market, then you have enough time to ready yourself for your new business tactics.

  • Sync authorized users’ email and Social media accounts:

Marketing agencies take a huge amount of money to provide information about prospects. These unwanted costs can be avoided as mobile app can be downloaded easily from the app store and they are useful to collect required information like prospect name, email and their social media account. This will help your business to filter your leads and approach business proposal as per their interest and requirements.

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