Reminiscing Employee of the Year 2016 Celebration

"Honouring Dedication Of Our Beloved Employees"


On 27th January, 2017, Javra Software Nepal hosted “Javra Elite Feats” at Nagarkot Hillside Village Resort. It is an annual celebratory event where we commemorate our employees for all the contributions they have made to the company during the year. Although employee recognition and appreciation happens all year around at Javra Software, Employee of the Year (EOY) Celebration is a much grander affair. With lights, confetti, cocktails and dinner, dancing and gifts, Employee of the Year celebration is like our own version of Christmas.

Employees left the office premise at around 4.30 p.m that evening. After a bus ride of around 2 hours along the serene pine forests and peaceful villages, we reached our destination – Nagarkot Hillside Village Resort. Sprinkling rainfall had made the weather a bit chilly yet exhilarating.

Guys entered the hall in their crisp suits and all the ladies were looking gorgeous in their traditional wear (saree and lehenga). The party officially kicked off when CEO Frank Mollers and COO Shanti Pant graced us with their presence and everyone was seated. There were nine nominees for Employee Of the Year 2016 title this year. Everyone was very involved and participative throughout the event. Each of our EOY nominees 2016 received a “Javra EOY Nominee 2016” sash, crystal award and a travel package for 2.

As time passed, the curiosity piled up among all the employees to know the EOY title winner. Now, there were two surprises stored for all and no one had seen it coming!!

The organizing team wanted to create some magical moments, so we had invited Mr. Suraj Mainali, a renowned magician of Nepal to join us for the title announcement. Mr. magician pulled out a pigeon out of thin air with a piece of paper hung on its neck and gave it to our CEO Frank Mollers. At this point, our COO Shanti Pant gave a huge surprise. She welcomed Krishna Dhakal’s parents into the hall and announced him as the EOY 2016. Everyone present in the celebration became very surprised and at the same time happy and emotional. Employee of the Year 2016 received “Javra EOY 2016” sash, crystal award and an INTERNATIONAL TRIP. Everyone cheered and congratulated Krishna for his immense dedication and contribution to the company.

To add on to the celebratory environment, ladies at Javra prepared a dance performance for the evening which was followed by a magical show. Our employees volunteered in the show and were quite determined to figure out his tricks. Alas! He was just too good.

When musical band “Fantastic” started their performance, everyone looked thrilled and began dancing. People were enjoying good food/drinks and good company.The party came to a close at around 12 and everyone went in to have delicious dinner.

The next morning, Nagarkot delivered what it is famous for – stunning mountain view. With such mesmerising scenery, we could spot people in different corners of the resort, some taking pictures and some blissfully enjoying the lush greenery and calm environment. At around 10.30 a.m all of us went in to have breakfast and left the resort at 11.30 a.m. The bus dropped us off at Javra Software Nepal office and everyone left for home with great memories that can be reminisced forever.