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Digital Transformation with Kendo UI

Kendo UI is an end-to-end solution for modern client-side development. It has everything needed for building applications with modern web standards. JSDO provides support for complex data models and APIs to manipulate data from application server while maintaining data integrity. Kendo UI along with JSDO can be used to build modern business applications that access data and business logic on an OpenEdge App Server.

Huge library of powerful widgets

Kendo UI is a JavaScript and HTML5 framework for building interactive and high-performance websites and mobile/web applications. Kendo UI provides a very powerful library of 70+ UI widgets that can be bound to a data source. Kendo UI works seamlessly with JSDO.

JSDO Mapping with REST interface

JavaScript Data Object (JSDO) is a free and open source JavaScript implementation of the Cloud Data Object (CDO) specifically to manage complex business transactions when working in a n-tier application. The JSDO service itself implements a REST protocol to provide CRUD operations.

Responsive Mobile / Web Applications

Mobile applications and responsive web applications are essential for businesses to make them accessible through any device. Kendo UI framework includes all the required tools to build responsive and modern mobile /web apps.

Integrate with existing business logic

Kendo UI along with JSDO and REST interface makes it possible to build and integrate modern user interface with existing backend business logic. This makes the transformation of applications safer, economical, and faster than rebuilding the applications from scratch.



Progress Maintenance Service

From the very beginning, we have been involved in progress products. Our Progress related services include development, support, maintenance, database administration and tuning. We work for end-users and Independent Software Vendors (ISV’s).

Progress Modernization Platform

Apart from using Kendo UI we have our own platform, named Javra platform for modernizing progress applications. Javra platform provides out of the box modernizing Solutions to web-enabled progress applications so that they become available on any device anywhere.