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August 10, 2016 0
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What is LoRa?
LoRa is the physical layer or the wireless modulation utilized to create a long range communication link. A wireless technology which has been developed for low power and wide area network for Internet of things. It is a unique spread spectrum modulation technique which allows sending data at extremely low data-rate to extremely long ranges. The low data-rate and LoRa modulation leads to very low receiver sensitivity (down to -134dBm), which combined with an output power of +14 dBm means extremely large link budget: up to 148 dB. This results in a range greater than 15 KM in line of sight (LOS) links and up to 2KM in non line of sight (NLOS) links in urban environments.


LoRa Key Features

  • Long Range – greater than 15KM
  • High Capacity – up to 1 million nodes
  • Long battery life
  • Secure and efficient network
  • Interference immunity


Javra’s LoRa Tests
Some tests have been performed by us regarding power consumption and range of LoRaWAN modules.

In the process, we’ve divided our test on various phases. In the first phase our tech gurus drove to Top of the hill near Kathmandu, places where data reception was quite good. We’ve also performed urban area (NLOS) and got some packets.

To further get strong output, for Range test, a beautiful city of Bhaktapur was chosen. Hmm! What’s better than adventure and innovation coming together? Our young and energetic tech savvy bunch not only drove this time towards a dense forest, but also hiked to the top of a Suryabinayak Hill. The distance was nearly 10.3 KM. There was no data loss and they also received a good reception. If you think this is it, read further; they sure took traveling and testing seriously as Javra loves Technology and Innovation. They went up towards Changunarayan Cliff that stands tall with its beautiful face looking towards an equally gorgeous Kathmandu valley. They didn’t just get good reception, but also got a positive signal to noise ratio (SNR). The distance from this point to the receiver was 12.5 KM (7.8 mile)

We’ve done power consumption tests and got an efficient result.


LoRa Advantages:

  1. Geographical Coverage Penetration: Awesome coverage also in faraway rustic and rural areas. LoRa is good in building and in ground penetration. This has been proved by tests we’ve performed.
  2. Long Range connectivity allows straightaway access to the devices in the field.
  3. The base station typically works for a large no. of devices and immensely reduces costs.
  4. It allows cities and towns to become more environmentally friendly and at the same time utterly efficient. In terms of proper management and installation of smart parking meters, tall booths and traffic signals in cities, LoRa can be proved worthy of significantly reducing emission , decreasing unbearable traffic and congested streets.
  5. The network’s unique crowd-sourced approach is one of its advantages. In Europe, Amsterdam the Dutch city has just set afloat an open crowd-sourced Internet of Things data network using LoRaWAN technology, which is a part of ‘The Things Network’ initiative in order to determine the best wireless protocol for IoT.
  6. Transmitting sensor data from farms that cover huge areas to automate most of the manual tasks for better productivity and lower manpower.
  7. LoRaWAN is also considered to support IoT applications for Australian agriculture. Australia has launched what it says is Sydney’s first public access IoT network, using low powered wide area network technology.
  8. LoRa platforms also enable virtuous safety applications which allow safety personnel like that of fire department to respond quickly to potential forced fire.
  9. Applications can range from utility metering, city and home (All Smart) to longer distance industrial, agricultural and environmental sensor networks.
  10. LoRa and LoRaWAN aren’t platform specific. It works with any microcontrollers or computers with GPIO (Raspberry PI), (Arduino, IBM, Cisco).
  11. Encryption ensures that LoRa network is fully secured.


LoRa shall make the future of the world quite different from the world we are living today. LORa meets the market need. A Research has also forecasted that there will be 3.6bn LPWA connections by 2024, today it’s only 10s of millions.

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