Java Mobile Development Webinar (iOS & Android)

OCTOBER 23, 2017
Time: 3:00 am PDT | 6:00 am EDT (New York) | 10:00 am UTC

Speakers: Abhiskar Bhattarai and Vivek Sharma

You shall get the overview of following things by joining this webinar:
  • Get knowledge on how to build enterprise level java based web application
  • Get knowledge on technologies stack generally used for java based web application
  • Get familiar with java based framework and tools
  • Get familiar with currently used architecture followed by java based application
  • Get familiar with how to integrate front end with back end java services
  • Get familiar with how to integrate java to process data on real time
  • Generation of report provide real time picture of user behavior and many meaningful information which can be used by executive to take decision.

Please make sure to fill in the form even if you are not participating because we shall be sending video recordings to you.