Whitepaper on Image Processing

Image processing is a method of performing some enhancements on ordinary image in order to extract meaningful information from it. It helps to analyze the image using various techniques that can identify colors, shades and relationship that cannot be perceived by human eye.


Whitepaper on Xamarin

Xamarin is software development kit which enables development of crossplatform mobile applications targeting mobile phones, tablets and other devices running on Android, iOS, and Windows.


Whitepaper on Graph Database

Graph database is defined as that database which uses structures of various graphs for semantic queries with nodes, edges and its properties to reflect and store data. In present world consists of Tsunami of data.


Whitepaper on React Native

React native is an open source framework that lets us build native iOS and Android application by using JavaScript backed by native iOS and Android component. It utilizes both the advantages of Native app and Hybrid app functionality that delivers on its promise of high-quality, cross-platform mobile development.

indoor positioning system cover image

Whitepaper on Indoor Positioning System (IPS)

Indoor Positioning System is one of the trending technologies that will bring revolution in the field of IOT. It helps to locate an object or a person inside the coverage area by using magnetic fields, radio waves, acoustic signals or any other sensory information collected by mobile devices.