If nobody can deliver the software solution you want, ask Javra Software!

Today companies find it increasingly difficult to meet their growth targets and they look for affordable new solutions that can bring them additional revenue streams. The R&D services of Javra Software can be that affordable source for innovative solutions helping your strategy and targets.

R&D services of Javra Software are undertaken for the purpose of discovering or developing new IT products, including improved versions or qualities of existing products, or discovering or developing new or more efficient software or solutions.

Javra Software continuously invests in R&D to improve knowledge and capabilities for delivering cutting edge software or solutions. All our R&D projects are executed offshore in Nepal, this will give you a significant cost benefit – and if needed – we do the delivery on-site.

We are just as motivated to do something that has never been done before!

Javra Software performed R&D for clients ranging from global enterprises to local companies. We mutually built digital experiences. We apply our design thinking and technology background to help you deliver engaging experiences for your customers and employees.

Please check our successfull stories page for the showcased R&D products of Javra:  Logotool.

Our R&D consultants are used to walking the extra mile for clients, they find working on innovative solutions for western companies inspiring. You will not be serviced by a talent pool but a R&D team that is assigned to your project. If you need quick tangible results without the worry of recruitment, training and the development of R&D consultants, consider us as your partner.

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