Javra Software is a global outsourcing IT service provider that help enterprises achieve operational excellence and growth.

Founded in 1999 in a small town in Druten, Netherlands, Javra now has headoffice in Culemborg, Netherlands and offshore outsourcing unit in Nepal since 2006. Over the years, Javra Software has facilitated enterprises to transform the traditional ways of business functioning by delivering high caliber IT services and products. Javra develops future proof business applications for clients worldwide. With a team of 100+ qualified professionals, Javra provides specialized and agile solutions such as Modern Web Apps, Mobile Apps, Big Data/Business Intelligence and E-commerce using emerging technologies like iOS, Android, Microsoft Technology Stack, Node.js, Java, ASP.Net, Magento, Magento 2, AngularJS, ReactJS, Sharepoint, HTML5, CSS3, WordPress, MongoDB. Javra continuously strives to deliver IT Services and Products that meet high quality standard.

Javra has expertise and experience of 30+ years in Progress which helps us to deliver cost effective Progress services such as ABL/4GL, CHUI/GUI/.Net/HTML, Digital Transformation, Modernization, Web Services and REST, Corticon, BPM, Maintenance, Javra IDE, Progress Webspeed/PAS based, Rollbase, Kendo UI.

Javra Software continuously invests in Research and Development projects that adds distinctive value to enterprises. Javra not only optimizes existing services by utilizing dynamic and accelerating changes in technology, but also constantly develops new and innovative products and solutions.

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