Machine learning / Artificial Intelligence

Improve your business with our ML/AI capabilities

We can build a wide range of revolutionary techniques

The buzzword ML/AI represents the next significant promise to improve your business performance.
A prediction by IDC (International Data Corporation) is that in 2022 about 75% of enterprises will embed intelligent automation into technology and process development, using AI-based software to discover operational and experiential insights and streamline operations.

Software engineers and data scientists of Javra design and implement AI driven platforms and cognitive automation systems that understand and pursue business objectives. We support the full cycle of AI development; data mining and processing, machine learning, model deployment, monitoring and application development.

A wide range of revolutionary techniques is offered by Javra Software. From AI development services for enhancing dialogue between human and machine, deep learning, predictive maintenance, content recognition systems, virtual staff and bots, Natural Language Processing (NLP) to configuring existing AI tools of Google and Microsoft Azure Cloud Services.


We help you to identify your use cases

Javra Software combines digital, business and organizational capabilities to take your business to the next level. We invest continuously in research for expanding our ML/AI capabilities and we are experienced in the generic and domain specific ML/AI Cloud solutions.

Simplicity is a key value in our architecture. Our AI/ML projects are developed with a data science and system engineering approach and are strictly executed with Javra staff.

We make machine learning and artificial intelligence platforms ready for your business processes against a competitive price. If you would like to start with ML/AI, we can help you to identify your use cases. We propose to start a small POC and gradually expand.