Celebrating the Spirit of Womanhood – Teej Darr Program

August 24, 2017 0
Womanhood, Teej, Javra's Teej Darr, Javra's female employees

On 23rd August, Javra Software Nepal hosted Teej Darr for all the women employees of Javra. Teej is one of the most celebrated and larger than life festival in Nepal that holds religious, social and cultural essence for Hindu women. During this festival, thousands of women, both married and unmarried, spend their day dancing, singing, clad in red and pray for happiness, prosperity and marital bliss by following a rigid fast all day long without even drinking water; they take a relatively heavy meal the day before called Darr.

All the ladies assembled at a place called “Ai La Restaurant” during lunch hour; happy and delighted. It was a bright, beautiful, breezy day and everyone looked magnificent in their pre-planned red and colourful attire. Lasting for two hours, this party was a big hit, where ladies enjoyed the hearty bites of the finest eateries sponsored by Javra and danced to the tunes of traditional Nepali folk/Teej songs.

Thank you Javra Software for organizing a wonderful Teej Daar Program. And finally, Happy Teej to all those who are celebrating!!

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