Javra has inhouse experts specialized in ChUI, GUI, .NET and web based application development in Progress OpenEdge platform.

Character-based User Interface (ChUI) was popular long ago, where applications used only text, user needed to operate using commands and typing and lots of short-keys. Character-based UI development is a specialized OpenEdge Project running on console application.

Graphical User Interface (GUI) based applications uses the elements of GUI that enables users to interact with various electronics devices by the means of graphical icons and visual representations making interface more user friendly than that of ChUI based application. Javra has experience working with ADM/ADM2 and various frameworks to develop and maintain GUI based applications.

.NET includes versatile and dynamic library that ensures security and rapid development. Technologies like .NET and OpenEdge Reference Architecture (OERA) are used as key components to make the platform robust, scalable and extensible enough to cater all future needs. The .NET application server will be hosted on Windows server and Javra will manage it along with the code deployment using CI/CD procedure.

Javra provides two different options for web application development. First is development of webspeed based application and second using Javra’s own framework Javra IDE. Javra IDE is mainly a very useful framework for modernizing old ChUI and GUI applications. It takes advantage of modern HTML5 technology to develop application with modern look and feel.