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November 8, 2017 0
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Digital asset management software is taking the world by storm. Providing easy storage, maintenance and circulation of assets, today, a DAM software like Boondrive is a total must-have. Boondrive, a product of Javra Software, is a versatile system that can match asset management requirements of organizations of any size. Reducing the high cost of otherwise in-house development, Boondrive makes owning and maintaining it a simple affair.

Among the various unique features that Boondrive offers, collection has to be the ultimate attention grabber. Let’s consider a situation. Let’s suppose your business “Upkeep” is a lifestyle magazines that showcases different culture and heritage from around the world. You are the marketing head and you have people working in different countries that send you pictures and articles. Now, it’s time to release a new issue and your designer team needs the final pictures and articles. This is where Boondrive’s collection feature can help you save time and increase your productivity – simply create a collection in Boondrive of the pictures and articles that you want to release in the issue.

Having the general working feature as a folder, collection in Boondrive:

  • is an easy sorting of files that may be distributed among various folders in Boondrive
  • gathers together reference to files that is already stored
  • avoids multiple upload hassle, doesn’t create a file duplicate
  • doesn’t use any storage
  • allows easy sharing with other teams


Creating a collection in Boondrive and adding files to that collection is effortless. You just have to:

  • Click on the collection on the menu tab 
  • Click on “Add Collection” and give a name and description to it
  • Find the files you want to add to the collection and click on the collection icon 
  • Finally select the collection you want to add the file to thus, creating a reference file

Now, imagine this, you are a freelance photographer and have a personal website to showcase your work. You have always found sorting and uploading photos based on categories like nature, building, people etc for your website an unnecessary struggle. Boondrive relieves you from such fuss and lets you create collections based on your categories, sync your Boondrive account with your website and display your collections as category gallery.

Similarly, you can easily and securely share your created collection with other teams/users and give permission as to how they can use it.  Boondrive also allows users to download collection in zip.

Sign up today for our 30 days free trial and undergo an amazing Boondrive experience.

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