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June 27, 2017 0
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Today’s business environment is rapid and it’s all about adaptability and flexibility to change. In the last 10 years or so we have seen many rapid developments encompassing Internet, cloud computing, empowered customers, new products and technologies, regulatory changes disrupting business processes etc. So how do you make sure you and your company come out a winner in all this?

Business Agility is your best bet. Business Agility is the quality that allows businesses to maintain their competitive advantage at the time of high paced and unpredictable changes in the business environment – such businesses act quickly, are resourceful and have the ability to adapt to their changing internal or external environments. But how do you achieve it?

The basic and fundamental necessity to business agility is the ability to make data driven right decision at the right time, which basically begins with your IT and expands throughout your company. Efficient IT-systems are vital to reach business agility, however, the volume of the information flow in today’s global and competitive environment is too high and the information is too complex to process quickly. The traditional approach of depending on IT professionals to code rule takes a lot of time and effort in which a simple change or error can have a huge impact on hundreds of rules/processes. So, businesses need to find a way to appropriately develop business rules and logic in an environment of high customer expectation to deliver quick service.

Corticon is a Business Rules Management System that has been widely implemented by businesses in many industries like Financial Services, E-commerce, Banking, etc. Corticon with its patent no coding rule, enables companies to quickly analyze, create or modify rules, eliminate costly coding and development time and make smart automated business decisions. An open application programming interface enabling use and reuse of the same rule in multiple systems, Corticon, separates business rules from source code, encourages collaboration between business experts and IT professionals and streamlines decision making that guides system’s behavior. With this, any big or small decisions can be made in a jiffy each day.

A model driven rule management system, Corticon is the out-of-the-box ready for use solution that empowers business analysts, policy makers and IT professionals do things the smart way. Using business friendly spreadsheet like modeling tool, companies can easily generate a vocabulary of business objects/terms, create and manage rules using drag&drop, place rule statements for rule documentation and traceability and deploy in one click as a decision service. These business rules are implemented in natural language and can be translated to multiple languages thus, decreasing the risk of error in business rules and increasing productivity and operational efficiency.

Business Rule Modeling Methodology

Business Rule Modeling Methodology

Benefits of Corticon

  • Enhances business value by accelerating time to market
  • Optimization and ease of use of business processes
  • Exceptional speed, Accuracy and Integrity
  • Scalability, Agility and performance improvements
  • Make complex decisions in a matter of seconds
  • Removes risk of project hold ups and cost implementation, modification
  • Automatically identifies incomplete rules and errors
  • Reuse of business rules
  • Reduces dependency of users on IT by not having to code business logic into IT infrastructure applications

Business organizations from different industries using services from Javra to implement Progress Corticon has been able to achieve efficiency and agility, provide the best and quick services to their customers and decrease their operational costs by automating their business rules/processes.

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