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October 16, 2017 0
Digital Signage, Javra's use of Digital Signage, Raspberry Pi for Digital Signage


Digital Signage is a popular technology that enables display of various informational content or advertising materials available as multimedia, images or videos. Generally, digital signage consists of a computer or a playback device connected to large digital screen. The content on the screen can be updated in real time through the internet or proprietary network connection.
Digital Signage is commonly used in various departmental stores, schools, libraries, office buildings, airports, trains, bus stations, auto dealership, banks, hospitals and other public venues. According to Wikipedia, “Digital Signage market is expected to grow upward to $21.92 Billion USD by 2020″.


Digital Signage has wide range of application as it can be used anywhere with less effort. Some of the most common applications of digital signage are as illustrated below:

  1. General Public Information:
    It can be used to provide information about latest news, weather updates, Road traffic situations and local information such as building directory with map, fire exits, room structures etc.
  2. Internal Information:
    Digital Signage can be used to circulate corporate message, employee’s birthdays, work anniversaries, new employee joinee welcome, health and safety information.
  3. Product Advertising and Promotion:
    Many advertising companies use signage for marketing and promotion of product.
  4. Brand Building:
    Digital Signage can be used for creating brand awareness of the company’s product.
  5. Influence Customer Behavior:
    Directing customers to different areas and increasing customer dwell time.
  6. Enhancing Customer Experience:
    Digital Signage provides excellent customer experience as it helps to raise brand awareness, knowing the actual audience and also can be used for giving directions/training to customers.
  7. Enhancing the Environment:
    Digital Signage offers reliable and robust digital display that may be indoor or outdoor. It provides timely information to its audience at right time with company’s success and achievements.

Digital Signage at Javra:

Javra is using signage display at the reception area, which displays company and employee related information. Currently, it is being used to display following information:

  1. Company Information
  2. Javra’s Services
  3. Employee related Information
    • Employee of Month
    • Employee of Quarter
    • Employee of Year
    • Bravo Awards
  4. Other Interesting Content Display
    • Guest and New Employee Welcome
    • Holidays Wishes
    • Event Day Wishes

Javra is using Raspberry Pi for Digital Signage display. Some benefits are as follows:

  1. Lower Cost: About USD $50 assuming the monitor is already present.
  2. Lower Power Consumption: Consumes only about 3-4 Watts.
  3. Wide range of Input Formats: a. Web URL b. Image c. Video d. Live Stream

Major Advantages of Digital Signage:

  1. Easy delivery and installation.
  2. Real time current information, alerts and necessary alerts.
  3. Ability to update content information from anywhere where internet is available.
  4. Reduces the unwanted use of physical resources and helps in eco-friendly situation.
  5. Digital media signage eliminates the cost barrier and waiting time compared to printing.
  6. Easy content update at anytime with less effort.
  7. Attractive display that will help to interact with your customer by eliminating competitors.
  8. Digital signage enables to earn revenue from advertisers,mainly for places such as large shopping centers, events and seminars.

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