COVID-19 impact on Javra Nepal

Dear friends of Javra,


In this time of crisis, I felt that it was necessary for me to write a personal note on recent developments in our company. The worldwide spread of COVID-19 has an enormous impact on our lives, and our businesses. Javra is no exception.


As we have large customers in sectors that are most affected by the economic consequences of the coronavirus, Javra is dealing with canceled investments and projects that are being suspended. It is with a heavy heart that I say this, but the future survival of our company forced us to slim down: we let a number of our loyal staff in the Kathmandu office go.


We did this with the utmost reluctance. To give you an idea of how hard a decision this was to make, I would like to share some of our history as an employer in Nepal. Javra started opened its office in Kathmandu 14 years ago, in a time when Nepal was in a civil war. Building up from scratch, we managed to develop and deliver quality software globally. In those times there were daily strikes, security issues. Thanks to our dedicated staff, we managed to keep growing as a reliable employer in the Kathmandu area.


I am proud to say that we have helped hundreds of Nepali students to build better lives for themselves and their families, some of whom even went abroad to further expand their opportunities. We have been, and still are, one of the best paying IT companies. And we have always had the welfare and social security of our employees and their families at the center of our mind. Over the years we have invested over 25 million dollars in Nepal.


In the aftermath of the devastating earthquakes, we did not lay off any of our staff and we kept paying all salaries. Even for those who couldn’t work for us at that time. We actively helped rebuild the country by distributing essential goods to remote villages, and (financially) aiding rescue teams. We helped save lives.

The ShantiPantFoundation – Shanti is our COO – was founded in that period. With the foundation, we helped to rebuild houses and even schools. We paid salaries for teachers, lunch boxes and much more. And that work still continues today. At this moment, the foundation helps a thousand children to stay at school, as we know how important education is for underprivileged children.

Please do understand that slimming down our company was a last resort option for us. An option I never thought I would have to consider. The only way I could agree with letting part of our loyal staff go, was by doing it in a fashion that fits our vision on being a good employer. We arranged for ample financial provisions for the people that we had to let go. For every year of service, we provided a month’s salary extra, on top of a month’s notice that we gave to everyone. This is not something many other Nepali companies will do.


I understand how tough this decision must have been for our staff, and I fully understand that some might feel emotional about this. Especially in these times of hardship. I also understand that some might share their disappointment on social media. It is hard for me to find out that some people have doubts about my intentions as a person or as an employer, but I have to accept that.


I am confident that Javra will, like before, overcome the difficulties that are thrown at us, and that we can continue to serve customers worldwide with our products and services. It is my intention to rehire the staff that we had to let go for now. In that way, we will continue our tradition of facilitating personal and economic growth in Nepal.


In the meantime, our services will continue as usual, and with more dedication and motivation than ever.


Best Regards,

Frank Möllers
CEO Javra Netherlands / Javra Nepal

Is Nepal your outsourcing destination ???

Nepal, a country of mountains in South Asia bordered by two giant nations, India and China with an estimated population of 30 million, is a destination for adventure, unique culture, vibrant cuisines, habitat for many signature species of wildlife and increasing expertise in many areas.

Nepal is known to be a developing country and Nepal’s lifestyle has simple standards compared to large urban towns in developed countries, however the living costs in Nepal are comparatively low. This makes Nepal one of the most promising hubs for outsourcing work, helping companies in achieving reduced operating costs. 

Outsourcing business model with a trusted partner will help businesses and entrepreneurs save time and costs while enabling them to focus on their core business goals and decisions leading to increased productivity and profit. It can’t be denied that outsourcing strategy will save the organization time and money. 

IT Outsourcing Business to Nepal is now more profound than ever before. Nepal IT universities are producing around 85.000 graduates annually. Stability of the infrastructure has improved a lot in the last decade. Where there used to be a frequent power outage problem, these are hardly there anymore and if there is a power cut then the generators kicks in. The nation has now established it’s political grounds and the government is working on various development plans thought-out the country. As of now, Nepal is getting more attention to be one of the best (ICT) potential outsourcing destinations. Key reasons are skilled availability, managed and reduced costs, an efficient and flexible workforce, improved internet quality, 24*7 services, possibilities and, important, cheap labour costs. That has made Nepal, similar to some other South Asian countries, a major outsourcing hub.

Everybody who has been in Nepal for a tracking or holiday will confirm that Nepali people are hard working, dedicated and very friendly. A destination that is worth thinking of,  if you consider to outsource your work or if you consider to start your own outsourcing company.

With growing numbers of IT universities and talent pool in Nepal, it is the most optimistic time about the potential opportunities and growth of the IT outsourcing industry in Nepal. From the last 14 years, Javra has been outsourcing work to Nepal.  We started small but now have around 120 FTE. We, as Javra Software, encourage other companies to take a look at the possibilities in Nepal. And in the light of getting more IT companies and outsourcing work to Nepal, we can always advice or partner with you.

Shanti Pant

Can you tell this is a modernized CHUI OpenEdge application?

When you take a look at this very modern looking responsive internet application you cannot tell that it has been modernized from a CHUI application. And we are very proud of it.

On the left part you see collapsing/expanding frames which makes the layout very nice and clean. In the middle you have a fixed field frame and on the right side you see a summary. Under CHUI there are at least 7 screens needed for this. That is a big improvement. And this is just an example.

Javra Software is using different approaches to modernize Legacy systems which cannot be replaced and don’t have to be replaced as in most cases there is invested a huge amount of time and money in it. What you need is a modern frontend or a connection to the outside world.

Why this approach for this customer?

As Javra Software we listen to the customer and based on that meeting we decide what is the best approach for that customer and how to modernize. It can be with Progress Kinvey, very new, with the Progress Kendo UI, with API’s which give you the freedom to modernize with React.js (created by facebook), Swift (used for Apple ipad / iphone), Magento webshop (by Adobe), Java, Node.js or in fact anything that talks with API’s. Or our own Javra IDE, which is a tool build by Javra, and create screens in no time with the big advantage that you can use a big part of your Progress / OpenEdge written business logic. Or, if you want, a combination of all above. In this case we have chosen with the customer to use the Javra IDE so he could use his old system still and switch module by module to a hyper modern HTML layout.

Business logic still mainly in progress ABL.

How did we do this modernization? To explain it clearly I should go into some details of this solution. We have a seperate (progress) database where we have all the fields of the original customer database (dictionary). But we have added some extra fields to define on which screen which field has to appear and how to deal with it. When we start the application the Menu and Security is coming from the separate database. In fact we start with an empty screen and send a request to the appserver to get all the fields, field securities, characteristics and more from the database. When we receive this at the frontend we render it and the screen you see in this article is the result. To stay as close to Progress as possible we have taken over all the events which are available in Progress ABL and added some more. If you leave for example a field you can decide to send a leave event to the appserver and run some progress ABL logic there and send the result back to the frontend. This is ideal for hardcore Progress programmers or to reuse your progress ABL logic you already have build. But of course you can choose to have your frontend business logic in javascript or server based javascript (with Node.js). Your choice.

Use the old and the new application together

As we don’t change the database or the source code you are able to run the old and new application next to each other while you are in the transition period. Of course the final goal is to stop with the old application screens. But you miss the big bang scenario and that makes this much easier and safe then switching your complete application at once. So you can choose to use your CHUI application on some modules and run this modern UI for other modules.

You don’t have to know anything else than your Progress / OpenEdge ABL.

As you have the choice to have your frontend business logic in Progress / Javascript or Server based Javascript (Node.js) you can do everything in just progress / OpenEdge ABL. But to be honest, if you use javascript or Node.js you might get tasks quicker done but you don’t have to.

Javra Software Nepal offshore center

Also not unimportant to mention is that we have an outsourcing daughter company (100% Javra Netherlands owned) with around 120 FTE. Not only Progress (portfolio) experts but also Node.js / frontend / backend / Azure / .NET /  magento / pimcore / IT infrastructure and not to forget our own R&D center. So we can offer you very reasonable prices we have a lot of expertises in house which makes us a very interesting partner for most companies.

You want to know more ?

If you want to know more about this case or about our modernization approach of your Progress OpenEdge application don’t hesitate to contact us. A webex or skype call is easily planned.

Javra Software Nepal / Covid-19

It’s everybody’s responsibility to help to prevent a further spread of the Coronavirus, and that is why we have taken several measures in the last weeks. I hope a lot of other companies in Nepal will do the same. 

Of course, the health of our employees, their families, and our customers are our priority as well as keeping our services available to our customers and help them in these difficult times.

Javra Nepal

There are no reported cases in Nepal at this moment. But that is hard to believe seeing how the virus has been spreading in the last weeks. Our system guys worked hard in the previous weeks to make sure the infrastructure at people’s homes is now ready to work from home. So from today onwards, all our staff is working from home. The core teams are working on laptops and do have as backup a USB stick with an internet sim in case there are problems with the regular internet.

Javra Netherlands

As our office is in Culemborg in the Netherlands, everybody is working from home already for some time. The infrastructure and nature of our work are making that easier.

Right sources and correct information

Because all the attention this pandemic is getting, it is even more critical to have the right information. A handy website to follow the spread of the virus is Here you can also see that especially older people with underlying health conditions are at high risk. The risk of dying from this virus is much lower for people below 50. Under 40, the chance of recovering is 99.8%, according to The site is updated very frequently and is giving a lot of useful information.

Javra Software supports schools in Nepal

Most of our partners, customers and companies know Javra Software from our Progress modernisation and our innovation. But besides doing work for our customers in Nepal we are also socially engaged. It looks like a century ago but in fact less than 5 years ago there were 2 devastating earthquakes in Nepal and since that time Javra Software decided to start supporting education for deprived children of Nepal . Mostly children from poor communities , especially girls drop out from school when they get older and turn into mature girls.  Absenteeism from school increases in lack of proper clothes, sanitary materials and other regular required school utilities.

Therefore with the aim to increase the school attendance and to empower children we have reached out to few government schools of remote areas of Nepal and started offering our help to resolve their daily running issues . We have helped with supply of clean drinking water, toilet and class room renovations, school uniforms, sanitary materials, books and stationaries, umbrellas, shoes and undergarments to underprivileged children.

We  are very proud to support around 1000 children from 5 different government schools of remote places of Nepal  and in addition to that we  are supporting  education for one of the a poor abandoned girl from remote village of Nepal who is successfully moved to Kathmandu valley and residing is hostel of one of the renowned school of valley itself. We feel blessed to be able to support poor children to provide education.



E-commerce & Its Future Trends

E-commerce or Electronic Commerce is the buying and selling of goods or services via online transaction over internet. The nature of this transaction occurs either as business-to-business, business-to-consumer, consumer-to-business or consumer-to-consumer. Technologies like mobile commerce, electronic data interchange, online transaction processing, internet marketing, online fund transfer, automatic data collection system and supply chain management come under E-commerce.

E-commerce website can be developed with any languages and with CMS platform. There is availability of various paid and freely available E-commerce technology that covers the needs of different industries. Some of popular technologies and CMS platform used in E-commerce are Magento, PrestaShop, Zen Cart, Ubercart, WooCommerce, OpenCart and Squarespace E-commerce.


E-commerce Solution at Javra

Javra have successfully developed, deployed and delivered E-commerce web app and mobile app to its valuable customers. We have focused on B2B E-commerce applications till now but in large scale, we are ready to cover all the sectors that will help to achieve business goals of all industries type. The development of B2B E-commerce is moving so fast and subsequently consumer expectations are continuously rising. Implementing of B2B strategy can be an issues for the companies due to problems like poor website experience, unable to handle online orders and long-term customer resistance, as it requires systematic platform to handle such requirements. So, Javra has developed an E-commerce platform that can be tailored to specific industry needs that will provides seamless integration with their ERP system and IT infrastructure.

At Javra we believe that a balanced model of customer intimacy and self-service will increase conversion and that E-commerce will drive a substantial part of your business. We enable customers e-commerce strategy by creating the API ecosystem, web, and mobile apps. E-commerce at Javra provides a flexible way to connect with your customers that fits in Microsoft AX, SAP, Oracle, Progress OpenEdge or an ERP business application based on another platform. Standard Web APIs developed by our developers include functionality and business logic that helps to integrate mobile apps and web apps with your existing system and enables customers to make necessary online transactions. This approach helps to deliver business needs faster and within the budgeted cost. Some of our customers are using E-commerce app for replacing some inside sales staff that will helps in manpower utilization in business.


Benefits of E-commerce to Business

  1. Makes business opens 24/7
  2. Easy to find products and faster buying/selling procedure
  3. Operational costs are considerably low and better quality services
  4. Customer can purchase and pay from any corner of world
  5. Easy to start and manage business
  6. No need of physical company set-ups
  7. Helps to increase brand awareness
  8. Create markets for niche products
  9. Proper inventory management
  10. Targeted marketing


Future Trends in E-Commerce

1. Social Media Purchase

Social media are now focused on selling and buying the products directly. Social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest has already implemented social commerce that has helped to increase sales in significant manner. Customers simply click on ‘Buy Now’ button and proceed for online payment. Social commerce is expected to grow more in future as it will be an integral part of almost every consumer’s online habits.

2. Chatbot

Chatbot use is trending due to its benefits in both the business and consumer markets. The technology like big data processing and machine learning are widely used for these chatbots. These chatbots provide necessary human interaction for solving or answering human queries.

3. Voice Assistants

It is based on latest Internet of Things (IoT) services that are generally activated through voice commands. It listens to user voice and is capable to perform task like search, purchase, bill payments etc. The significant examples we can consider in this section are Amazon’s Echo with Alexa, Ok Google, Apple’s Siri and Microsoft’s Cortana. These voice assistants helps to play music, control your smart things and mainly used for shopping purposes.

4. Augmented Reality Devices

These devices help to augment the real objects with the virtual ones. If one needs to decorate the home and has confusion of what to purchase then you can simply try the virtual objects that are available at website. This will provide visualization that what looks better for the particular places. These kinds of devices reduce the chances of returning the products and save the time accordingly.

5. Droid & Drone Delivery

Droid are the robotic machine of different shapes and sizes that accepts given commands and complete the task. It can be used for delivering the products of users. Some droid has microphone for interaction with customers and a GPS tracking system to know the exact locations between source and destination.

Drone has capabilities to carry up to 2 pounds, so these technologies can be used to deliver the products of the users. It will be faster and convenient source of delivering products in low cost.

Contact to know detailed information about development of E-Commerce applications.