EMEA PUG Challenge 2017 Prague

Sponsorship and Participation by Javra
Registration is closed for this event.

It is a pleasure to share that we are once again Sponsoring and Participating in EMEA PUG Challenge 2017 Prague. Javra has Progress Expertise of more than 30 years and we are the frontrunner when it comes to working with Progress. Over the Years, we have not only built our own platform on Progress but have fostered innovation by bringing various technological addition which has propelled endless technological growth and opportunities.

EMEA PUG Challenge is a prominent conference for innovative minds to come together with the motive to bring and share ideas on Progress. It has been a vital part to bring the community together and share knowledge with each other.

Javra hopes to get and give the best to Progress community through Sponsorship and Participation at EMEA PUG Challenge Prague.We look forward to the conference and meeting ingenious minds.

NOV 15TH - 17TH 2017

For more info please visit: http://www.pugchallenge.eu