How does it work?

Javra IDE -What is it and how does it work?

The IT landscape is changing fast, so you need a technology-stack that is solid but flexible. Web-technology is the open standard for applications and adapted by everyone. Web-technology will work on every desktop and mobile devices with a capable browser, everywhere.

Our Progress modernizing solution Javra IDE empowers the development and deployment of data intensive business software in the Progress OpenEdge environment. Legacy Progress applications (CHUI or GUI) can be migrated into a modern web-interface maintaining the investment already spent on custom business logic. This gradual and step-wise approach to migration is cost effective and low risk in comparison with switching to a pre-packaged ERP system or re-development from scratch. It enables Progress ABL/4GL programmers to build modern web applications using the programming techniques they already know.

“It is by far the most advanced and most modern front-end available for Progress database and business logic,”

– Frans Fels – PF Concept

Our solution is based on a Progress database and Progress ABL. It is a repository based system that means all the characteristics of the program are stored in a database. The programs are 100% dynamic and coming from the back-end. The logic behind is written in the progress ABL and our client (HTML5) is taking care of the layout and all the logic is at the front-end. All you need is a browser; there is no need to install anything else.

That means the Progress programmers, even character based programmers, can easily create programs to run in this environment. The framework itself started in 1999 and renewed it ever since so programs which were built in back then (1999) can now run, without any changes, in our HTML5 client.

“The Progress HTML5 modernizing solution of Javra Software is the exception to the rule about the general bad feeling people have about frameworks.”
– Jan van Dijk – Attema