Is Nepal your outsourcing destination ???

Nepal, a country of mountains in South Asia bordered by two giant nations, India and China with an estimated population of 30 million, is a destination for adventure, unique culture, vibrant cuisines, habitat for many signature species of wildlife and increasing expertise in many areas.

Nepal is known to be a developing country and Nepal’s lifestyle has simple standards compared to large urban towns in developed countries, however the living costs in Nepal are comparatively low. This makes Nepal one of the most promising hubs for outsourcing work, helping companies in achieving reduced operating costs. 

Outsourcing business model with a trusted partner will help businesses and entrepreneurs save time and costs while enabling them to focus on their core business goals and decisions leading to increased productivity and profit. It can’t be denied that outsourcing strategy will save the organization time and money. 

IT Outsourcing Business to Nepal is now more profound than ever before. Nepal IT universities are producing around 85.000 graduates annually. Stability of the infrastructure has improved a lot in the last decade. Where there used to be a frequent power outage problem, these are hardly there anymore and if there is a power cut then the generators kicks in. The nation has now established it’s political grounds and the government is working on various development plans thought-out the country. As of now, Nepal is getting more attention to be one of the best (ICT) potential outsourcing destinations. Key reasons are skilled availability, managed and reduced costs, an efficient and flexible workforce, improved internet quality, 24*7 services, possibilities and, important, cheap labour costs. That has made Nepal, similar to some other South Asian countries, a major outsourcing hub.

Everybody who has been in Nepal for a tracking or holiday will confirm that Nepali people are hard working, dedicated and very friendly. A destination that is worth thinking of,  if you consider to outsource your work or if you consider to start your own outsourcing company.

With growing numbers of IT universities and talent pool in Nepal, it is the most optimistic time about the potential opportunities and growth of the IT outsourcing industry in Nepal. From the last 14 years, Javra has been outsourcing work to Nepal.  We started small but now have around 120 FTE. We, as Javra Software, encourage other companies to take a look at the possibilities in Nepal. And in the light of getting more IT companies and outsourcing work to Nepal, we can always advice or partner with you.

Shanti Pant