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Java is a high level programming language that was developed by Sun Microsystems. This language was initiated in 1991 by a small teams of engineers named “Green Team”. Originally the name of Java was OAK; the name Oak was termed by James Gosling after he saw an oak tree that stood outside his office. It was developed for handling hand held devices and set up box project. OAK was unsuccessful thus, after modifying its language to best fit the growing World Wide Web scenario, Java was introduced in 1995. Later, In 2009 Oracle Corporation acquired Sun Microsystems and took ownership of its asset.

In present days, Java is a most strategic language, most widely used for developing and delivering content on the web. With the changing need of technology, Java SE 8 was launched in 2014, with parallel processing using streams, additional functional programming features and improved integration with JavaScript. Oracle and the Community Celebrated 20 Years of Java in 2015. Recently, Java 9 was released in September 21, 2017 with more optimized library.

The key advantages of using Java is that it is a simple and safe programming language, object-oriented, robustness, secure, platform independent, high performance, dynamic, interpreted and multi-threaded.

Java at Javra:

Javra Software has been working with Java from the very beginning with new innovations in web content. We have successfully delivered impressive and cost effective solution to our valuable customers. Some of the services that we provide in Java are enterprise Java application development, Java mobile development, Java migration service, Java application with maintenance support and custom Java application development, Java backend API development, Java data analytics & report generation & all custom solutions related to Java, from application development, deployment, maintenance, feature enhancement to monitoring.

Javra develop enterprise level Java applications focusing on following elements:

  1. Data search, indexing, search optimization and performance tuning
  2. Backend service development
  3. Logging & scheduler management
  4. Unit testing & integration testing
  5. Continuous integration
  6. Build & application monitoring
  7. Machine learning & AI
  8. Microservices development
  9. Report generation & analytics

Furthermore, application development at Javra follows fully agile and scrum methodology by integrating many open source applications, libraries, tools and framework. Popular Java based framework that we use is spring framework and hibernate as Object-Relational Mapping (ORM). Likewise MyBatis is used for persistence framework. We provide both SOAP based web service and REST based web service. The other tools and technologies that we use for Java application development are:

  1. Open source build tools like Maven, Ivy, Jenkins for continuous build and delivery
  2. Java based tools for automation testing like Selenium
  3. Java based tools for performance testing like JMeter
  4. Spring framework for service and API development
  5. iReport and Jasper for report generation
  6. Jira for project management
  7. Spark, Kafka, Storm, Flume for real time data analytics and machine learning
  8. Spark for ETL (Extract, Transform and Load)
  9. Redis, Solr, Elastic Search for high performance data search
  10. HBase, MongoDB for data warehouse, data management, data analysis and reporting
  11. Tomcat, JBoss, GlassFish server for application deployment, monitoring, Java Message Service and clustering
  12. MySQL, Oracle, DB2 for relational database
  13. JUnit, TestNG, Mockito for unit testing and integration testing

Why choose Javra for Java application development?

  1. Being offshore based company, we offer robust solution in competitive price.
  2. We develop reliable and secure Java applications.
  3. Our Java team are highly experienced and fully skilled in Java programming.
  4. We have experience in working in client location to achieve their enterprise level requirements.
  5. Use of proven technology to provide high level of user experience.
  6. Start with proof of concept (POC) and customer centered project model.

Get in touch with us today at to know more about our Java application development.

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