Javra Software Nepal / Covid-19

It’s everybody’s responsibility to help to prevent a further spread of the Coronavirus, and that is why we have taken several measures in the last weeks. I hope a lot of other companies in Nepal will do the same. 

Of course, the health of our employees, their families, and our customers are our priority as well as keeping our services available to our customers and help them in these difficult times.

Javra Nepal

There are no reported cases in Nepal at this moment. But that is hard to believe seeing how the virus has been spreading in the last weeks. Our system guys worked hard in the previous weeks to make sure the infrastructure at people’s homes is now ready to work from home. So from today onwards, all our staff is working from home. The core teams are working on laptops and do have as backup a USB stick with an internet sim in case there are problems with the regular internet.

Javra Netherlands

As our office is in Culemborg in the Netherlands, everybody is working from home already for some time. The infrastructure and nature of our work are making that easier.

Right sources and correct information

Because all the attention this pandemic is getting, it is even more critical to have the right information. A handy website to follow the spread of the virus is worldometers.info. Here you can also see that especially older people with underlying health conditions are at high risk. The risk of dying from this virus is much lower for people below 50. Under 40, the chance of recovering is 99.8%, according to  wordometers.info. The site is updated very frequently and is giving a lot of useful information.