Javra Software supports the Shanti Pant Foundation in Nepal

Most of our partners, customers and companies know Javra Software from our Progress modernisation and our innovation. But besides doing work for our customers in Nepal we are socially engaged. It looks like a century ago but in fact less than 5 years ago there were 2 devastating earthquakes in Nepal and that is the time that our COO Shanti Pant decided to do more than we already did. She started a foundation with the goal to help children in Nepal to go and stay at school. Especially outside Kathmandu the number of children, especially girls, drop out when they become older and turn into more mature girls. If they don’t have the proper clothes and utilities they attend to drop out because they are teased as their body is changing. At this moment Shanti and her foundation helps around 1000 children on 5 different locations in Nepal.

We as Javra Software are very proud to sponsor the foundation and we have assigned a few staff members fulltime to do the work in Nepal on the ground. Besides that we make sure we take care of the overhead (bank cost / accountant / transport) so 100% of the donations really reach there where it is supposed to arrive.

The video below is about a few projects what the SPF foundation is doing. Main character is a girl who was abandoned by her parents and living with her grandparents somewhere outside Kathmandu valley where she had to take care of her grandparents. It took Shanti and team over half a year to locate her separated parents and let them sign papers so SPF could take care of her and bring her to a school and hostel in Kathmandu.

What you see in the video is a true story, it is her real house (half of it still devastated by the earthquake), her real work she did at home, and the real school she went to. She is doing very well now. All the credits of this is going to Shanti and her team and Javra is just blessed to be able to help to accomplish this.

If you want to find out more about the Shanti Pant Foundation go to : ShantiPantFoundation.org or to the  facebook for regular updates. Credits for the movie again goes to Jurgen Jacob fotografie en film (insta: jurgenjacoblodder) and Boyan Ortse (insta: boyanoo)