Showcase Logotool

Our clients are constantly looking for new solutions and ways of integrating to solve their day to day problems with minimal effort. For example: until a few years ago, if someone needed to place their company logo in any product, they had to depend solely on graphic designers. It was almost an impossible task for those who didn’t have the knowledge and idea about designing.

One of our clients requested a tool to visualize the logo of their customers on products displayed in their web shop. This tool is strictly developed for our client, we have signed an exclusive agreement for this project. This read is a showcase of the capabilities of Javra Software.

The logo visualization tool is developed by Javra Software to enable users to edit and place their logo on various products as a cap, shoes, stickers, mouse mats, water bottle, business card, cups, mugs, pen, calendars, phone cases, greetings cards, trophy, certificates and many more.

Realistic imprint techniques

The logo visualization tool could be implemented or integrated in any kind of product. It’s fully responsive and includes a series of presentation modes that can be shared in social media, can be embedded with multiple images and text and used for electronic flyers with realistic imprint techniques. The basic configuration that are performed during this process are:

  • Conversion of vector to bitmap
  • Allow upload of multiple logos
  • Allow upload of multiple file types
  • Remove outer background on upload (white)
  • Remove outer and inner background on upload (white)
  • Remove outer background on upload (by color selection)
  • Remove outer and inner background on upload (by color selection)
  • Perform quality check on upload

It provides an option to work on zoomed images to prevent issues with smaller imprint areas like pens. Similarly like displaying in (pseudo or real) 3D / 360 degrees, logo retention (save it for next time), wrapper for products with company logo, share on social media, share by email, share tool with customers, configure multiple imprint positions on one perspective and to configure multiple imprint position on multiple perspectives, makes this tool more unique/effective from general logo visualization tools.

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