Mobile App Development

Does your Mobile App strategy take care of your customer?

In today’s Business World, your App is your Brand Identity

It's time to use mobile strategy to connect with your customers and to empower staffs so that work becomes more efficient and customer focused

At Javra, we believe that your brand identity starts with your App. So, you have to take care of providing an enriching user experience to keep your customers close to you. We see that your business app is a valuable extension to your product and services and an efficient means to deliver your company brand message.

We have developed several consumer apps like YouriZoon, and RopaRun.

Enterprise Mobile : Take Servicing to the Next Level

Some of the benefits of Apps:

How do you add value to your customers by connecting with them in a business setting? The answer is by creating a seamless process experience when interacting with them. For example, get rid of all the boundaries with your desktop ERP by using a mobile App as an agile extension to it. Customers will love it. It’s all about connecting the static world of your ERP with the dynamic new world of smartphones and tablets.

We have developed a Sales Rep App which is integrated with the ERP system for one goal : to make the process seamless and to provide best possible user experience when sales representatives are facing customers. The result is a powerful, efficient way to go through your sales workflow.