Modern Web App Development

Using modern web app technologies like Node.js, Angular and JSON to build powerful scalable web applications

Building Web Apps with Lean and Widely Adapted Modern Technologies

If you want to integrate new technologies with your legacy environment ora build a modern Web App from scratch, then choosing a lean, event-driven technology like Node.js is an efficient and fast choice.

We are moving more and more away from conventional architectures and technology-stacks to lean and open source driven technologies. Internet companies and startups have been doing this for years already and now this movement is being adapted by more businesses worldwide.


Today the stack for modern Web App development exists out of technologies and methods like Node.js, AngularJS, HTML5, JavaScript, REST and JSON.

Node.js is a very efficient server side event-driven framework for building high performance Web Apps. The programming language used on both server and client side is JavaScript. This makes it easy to adapt. You can use a Non Structured Query Language (SQL) database mechanism for data and JSON and REST for connections. On the front-end, a regular framework like AngularJS or BackboneJS can be used.

Business Value

Web App Development with lean and widely adopted modern technology means that the app can be built fast. In addition, when this approach is combined with an Agile approach, it will have a very short time to market.

Javra is able to deliver Worldwide development services so you can outsource your project, or we can team-up with your current developers to work on Web App projects.