Digital Asset Management made easy

Organize your digital assets safely

Boondrive is the media management application for marketers and communication professionals. Safely store, organize and share all your digital files and media in the Cloud. Images, videos, documents, communication materials and brand files are in one central location (Single Source of Truth).

Boondrive gives you access to this Single Source of Truth anytime and anywhere.

Javra Software goes a step further with Boondrive by adding innovative functionalities that take a lot of work off your hands. Files are easy to find, share and link to various internal and external systems and users. The collection feature in Boondrive has proved to be the means to categorize best of the best images, sort and provide approved assets to publish on websites, social media or other platforms.

Automate and organize your valuable media files with BoonDrive will shorten your time to market and save time and money.

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The features of Boondrive

  • Manage collections of digital assets including images, documents, audio and videos in one central place
  • Easily locate files from heaps of assets, search with tags or metadata
  • Better resource (time and people) utilization, enhanced efficiency
  • Mobile app does enable real-time off-site/field media storage
  • Track asset usage and activity with access controlled permission and role
  • 24/7 service support
  • Customization and Scalable
  • Security with embedded antivirus