Javra’s Product Development is Iterative and Incremental

Javra Software’s products are developed with the intention to streamline workflow for businesses worldwide. Our products are scalable, flexible and cloud based that can benefit small and large enterprises.

Create, organize, manage and share all your digital content in one single platform

Boondrive is a cloud based digital asset management (DAM) software that enables management, storage, collaboration, distribution, retrieval and sharing of all kinds of digital assets such as images, audios, videos, documents, presentations, spreadsheets in one central location.

Boondrive App is now available in Android.

Increase productivity

A dynamic storage and delivery system that helps to store, track and use digital assets instantly

Streamline your workflow

Create users, assign roles and securely share your content with admin based approval

Enterprise mobility

Collaborate with your creative team anytime, anywhere added with Boondrive mobile


Real time notification and timeline to monitor activities

Application Development Platform that delivers

Over the years, technology marketplace has changed rapidly and the open ecosystem technology stacks have become the standards. At Javra, we believe that the best way to innovate is to embrace the use of open standards and ecosystems. That is why we created Javra Platform.

Javra Platform makes the business application development easy and powers up your business applications. As a completely web-based application development environment to migrate, extend, enhance and modernize mission critical applications, Javra Platform is the most reliable, innovative and cost effective solution that empowers IT professionals and helps companies retain their investments. Now, companies do not need to clear all their data and start over from scratch.

Have it your own way with Javra’s Products!

  • Easy Integration with your existing enterprise applications
  • Scalable as per your business need
  • Customizable features