Javra can be your Trusted
Partner in Maintenance Service

Javra’s Application Maintenance Service

You can trust Javra’s maintenance service on following grounds:

  • We provide business relevant application maintenance for on going and existing OpenEdge projects.
  • We provide maintenance of existing OpenEdge applications which include CHUI, ADM and Webspeed applications.
  • We have dedicated and large team of Progress developers and professionals at our offshore location because of which we can provide you with technical support and Maintenance service through highly competitive pricing model.
  • We have predefined service-level agreement, based on which we can provide testing and bug fixing through our Maintenance service.
  • We provide Standard and High level maintenance service for large projects.
  • Our Progress Application Maintenance is reliable and affordable.
  • Our Maintenance service is very rapid and enhancing.
If you want to effectively and efficiently manage your business and mission critical Applications; Javra can do that!

Our Process of Maintenance

Discovery Phase

  • Set Up of SVN repo
  • Application running starts
  • Planning of KT meeting takes place
  • Starting date finalization

Application Setup and KT

  • Ticket Creation is done
  • Acknowledgement and Estimation performed
  • Notification provided on completion
  • Package update performed
  • Periodic update meeting takes place

Maintenance Completion Cycle

  • Find the components and technology of the Application
  • Discuss and finalize the Application Support Model
  • Signing of NDA is done to ensure the source code for safety of provided data
  • Final Agreement between two parties takes place

Success Stories

We provide Progress Services to world renowned business houses.

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