How to make your Progress based software package future proof?

With the Javra Platform, you web-enable your application using existing business logic, retain investments and workforce and use modern, future proof web-technology.

Javra Platform

There are still a lot of Progress legacy applications out there and with those it is challenging to meet today’s business and customer needs.

At the same time, the technology marketplace has changed rapidly and open ecosystem technology stacks have become the standards, the most common example of which is the use of a browser for business applications.

We believe the best way to innovate is to embrace the use of open standard and ecosystems. That is why we created the Javra Platform, the solution to migrate your Progress application to a modern web-application with the use of existing business logic, and to make use of existing new web-technology.

Download our customer case about how this organization migrated their legacy POS application to a future proof web environment.

Web Technology

The Javra Platform is not only about migrating and web enabling, it is a hybrid model where you can use your current ABL and OpenEdge set-up and also leverage what the open ecosystems of web-technology has to offer. For example, HTML5 and CSS3 are the standards nowadays with which you can easily adapt mew back and front-end components like Elastic Search and Node.js modules.

Keep your ABL business logic

Your current OpenEdge environment, database and Existing Business Logic (ABL) will be used so that past investments are retained. Due to re-use of your existing business logic migrating is very efficient, compared to re-engineering.

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Your application in any browser, everywhere

After migration, your application will work smoothly on all devices with a capable browser, without the need to install anything else.

Your application will become OS and device independent and you will provide an enhanced user experience across multiple devices.

A web-based Developer Studio

The browser based development environment empowers Progress programmers to build and maintain programs using a point and click drag & drop visual designer.

Building and maintaining programs becomes easy. You only need a browser, there is no need to install anything else.

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Progress ABL and JavaScript

You can use ABL to build and maintain programs. So, even character based programmers can easily create programs without the need to learn a new programming language. Besides ABL, you can also use JavaScript.

Automated migration

No way you are going to spend several years on conversion work of hundreds or thousand of .p files. Obviously, due to the nature of programming a fully automated conversion is not possible, but to a large extend the migration of business logic and user interfaces is automated.

Phased approach to modernization

You can start modernizing iterative, at your own pace. Your current application will continue to co-exist fully functional next to your modernized programs and stays untouched. There is never a risky “big bang” migration scenario.

Reduce source code

Using the Javra Platform will reduce your source by 40-70% because all UI will be covered by the Platform. Due to this code reduction, your code is more lean and maintenance will be a lot easier and cheaper.

Create mobile Apps on the fly

With the Javra Platform your programs will be delivered through web technology and thus, it will be easy to use a hybrid App technology like PhoneGap to build Apps and deliver them to iOS, Android and Windows mobile devices.