Sales Rep App

Enabling field-based sales representatives to use the right information at the right place to contribute to their sales goals

Information only makes sense if you have it at the right time and at the right place. So, you need to utilize all the information you have and put it in action where you need it. The Sales Rep App does exactly that for field-based sales representatives.

The Javra Sales Rep App uses the information that is already available in ERP and Business Intelligence (BI) solutions and combines this with the agility of a powerful mobile App.

The goal is to let sales representatives have all the right information at their fingertip. Talking about KPI’s, trends, promotions  and other important topics with a customer becomes easy, because all information is presented in a logical and clear manner.

For example, in a workflow for a sales representative of a wholesale company who visits a client, the typical discussion points would include:

  1. Sales performance per segment
  2. Sales performance turnover and adoption rate
  3. Discuss the top 10 best selling and worst selling products
  4. Sales trends in time
  5. Discussion points like new promotions, special offers, interesting categories
  6. Promotional material
  7. Feedback of the customer

The above gives an impression of the possibilities of the Sales Rep App. Other features includes the synchronizing of accounts for offline use.

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