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February 20, 2018 0

Shanti Pant Foundation (SPF) is a non-profit organization working towards educating children, especially girls, of the villages of Nepal. Established in the year 2017 in The Netherlands, Shanti Pant Foundation is an ANBI status organization aiming to provide basic necessities to children living an unprivileged and hard life. Shanti Pant Foundation believes that their commitment towards providing stationary materials, school uniforms, teacher’s sponsorship, improvement in the school environment, drinking water, awareness programme etc. will motivate children, especially young girls towards education and pave a path to build their future.

Non-profit organizations like Shanti Pant Foundation (SPF) are faced with the difficult task of gathering the focus, financial and public support, building emotional connection and promoting their work to the world. To do so, Shanti Pant Foundation is consistently involved in marketing and communication efforts, supported by a series of employees who carefully produce pictures and content that emotionally resonates and speak stories of thousands of unprivileged children. Managing such digital assets, easily sharing it within and outside (vendors, donors) the organization and publishing it for the world to know, IS THE REAL DEAL.



Catering to such needs of Shanti Pant Foundation, Boondrive, a cloud based digital asset management software has come into play. Having integrated Boondrive with Shanti Pant Foundation website, has helped SPF to store, create, manage and share thousands of digital assets while maintaining their brand and budget. User-friendly interface and feature, greater productivity and efficiency have made Boondrive a go-to tool for Shanti Pant Foundation.

With minimal training, users are able to upload, tag, organize, search, download and share their digital assets. Whether at the office or on the field, Shanti Pant Foundation’s digital assets are always accessible with internet for users to work whenever and wherever it’s convenient. Reaching to the full capabilities of Boondrive web, Boondrive mobile app comes handy on the field, as it enables employees to take real-time camera snaps/high quality videos, upload it to their account and share it with their team back at the office.

Security was one of the main concerns of Shanti Pant Foundation and Boondrive has this covered. Through Boondrive, Shanti Pant Foundation is able to add/delete users, set access permissions for each person individually, share folders and collections and monitor asset usage. The built-in commenting and versioning functionality has facilitated SPF team’s to easily communicate on what is working and what is not and to work with the latest, most updated version of their assets, thus, avoiding blunders of duplication.

Another unique feature that has added value to Shanti Pant Foundation is Boondrive’s collection feature. Collection feature in Boondrive has proved to be the means to categorize best of the best images, sort and provide approved assets to publish on SPF websites, social media and/or other publications and shorten their time to market.


Major Benefits to Shanti Pant Foundation from integration with Boondrive

  • Cloud based, thus no investment on hardware part
  • Access anytime, anywhere
  • Manage collections of digital assets including images, documents, audio and videos in one central place
  • Easily locate files from heaps of assets, search with tags or metadata
  • Easily access and share files
  • Collaboration and faster time to market
  • Better resource (time and people) utilization, enhanced efficiency
  • Boondrive Mobile app enable real-time off-site/field media storage
  • Collaborate and leverage assets across multiple channels for ROI
  • Track asset usage and activity with access controlled permission and role
  • 24/7 service support
  • Customizable and Scalable
  • Security with embedded antivirus

Boondrive is excited in helping Shanti Pant Foundation to tell their stories and making a difference in the lives of young children.

If you are a non-profit organization and need a flexible tool to manage your assets, accommodate users and workflow for compelling storytelling, then visit to know Boondrive’s cost-effective pricing or send us your queries at

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