About Van Rijsoort Bending B.V.

Bending tubes, beams and plates. Van Rijsoort Bending B.V (VRB) is the specialist when it comes to forming bends since 1903. Their production facility is equipped to carry out cold- and induction-bending processes. To be a front runner in their industry VRB leaves absolutely nothing to chance and the state-of-the-art equipment and highly qualified specialists enable VRB the kind of expertise and professional support that their clients are accustomed to receive. The result of this craftmanship can be found all over the world in stadiums, concert halls, train stations, art objects, machines and other constructions.

The request

The critical business processes of VRB are supported by Bend-it, a custom build character based (CHUI) ERP application in Progress Software. The initial request to Javra Software was to modernize the Bend-it CHUI application so its business logic could be connected to web based devices or other information systems. During the implementation of this project, VRB requested new features and functions for the Band-it application to increase usability and business support.

In later stage a new bending service was introduced by VRB; induction bending. This type of hot bending offers unlimited possibilities. VRB request Javra software to build a complete new custom application to support this new business line.

What we did:

Javra Software modernized the Bend-it application with the Javra IDE framework. The Javra IDE framework provides a new interface for web based devices by translating the CHUI logic. Several features are added to the modernized ERP application like an integration with Exact Online, SMS verification, XSL-FO to transform reports in a new PDF version and many user functions based on .NET language.

For Van Rijsoort Induction bending (VRI) we have developed an application for sales quotations and production planning in the .NET language.

The result for Van Rijsoort Bending is that the modernized ERP application improved several activities in the primary business processes and the ERP support will be more effective for future business enhancements.

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