Web Services

OpenEdge Web Services refers to the technology that enables distributed applications to exchange data without considering each other’s specific platform requirements. It can be accessed easily via internet or intranet by adopting necessary industry standard protocols. It uses open protocols for communication that are based on either SOAP or REST. OpenEdge has native ABL Support for Web Services that helps to develop ABL applications and deploy it on an AppServer.

Web Services is built by passing data between Progress ABL web service application and non-OpenEdge client with OpenEdge language and platform independent access to OpenEdge business logic from the clients.

Benefits of Web Service integration by Javra

  • Javra's team of experts work on web service to perform integration of various applications
  • Web Service have benefited various clients in huge data integration by interacting with user-friendly GUI
  • Rules for communication is well defined which makes the process systematic
  • Web Service can be utilized from any progress logic to perform functionalities like data transfer, CRUD functionality, report generation or fetching information
  • Javra has a dedicated testing team to perform functional and non-functional testing. Javra also has expertise with automated regression testing