Javra Software supports schools in Nepal

Most of our partners, customers and companies know Javra Software from our Progress modernisation and our innovation. But besides doing work for our customers in Nepal we are also socially engaged. It looks like a century ago but in fact less than 5 years ago there were 2 devastating earthquakes in Nepal and since that time Javra Software decided to start supporting education for deprived children of Nepal . Mostly children from poor communities , especially girls drop out from school when they get older and turn into mature girls.  Absenteeism from school increases in lack of proper clothes, sanitary materials and other regular required school utilities.

Therefore with the aim to increase the school attendance and to empower children we have reached out to few government schools of remote areas of Nepal and started offering our help to resolve their daily running issues . We have helped with supply of clean drinking water, toilet and class room renovations, school uniforms, sanitary materials, books and stationaries, umbrellas, shoes and undergarments to underprivileged children.

We  are very proud to support around 1000 children from 5 different government schools of remote places of Nepal  and in addition to that we  are supporting  education for one of the a poor abandoned girl from remote village of Nepal who is successfully moved to Kathmandu valley and residing is hostel of one of the renowned school of valley itself. We feel blessed to be able to support poor children to provide education.