At Javra Software, we pride ourselves on delivering top-notch software development solutions with a particular expertise in Pimcore. Today, we are excited to showcase two of our most successful projects, and, both fully leveraging the powerful features of Pimcore to provide exceptional user experiences.

What is Pimcore?

Pimcore is an open-source digital experience platform that integrates content and commerce in a unified environment. It is renowned for its versatility and robustness, enabling enterprises to manage digital assets, product information, and customer experiences seamlessly. Pimcore's key features include:

  • Content Management System (CMS): Facilitates the creation and management of digital content.
  • Digital Asset Management (DAM): Organizes and distributes digital assets like images, videos, and documents.
  • Product Information Management (PIM): Centralizes product data and information management.
  • Customer Data Management (CDM): Consolidates customer data to deliver personalized experiences.

Pimcore stands out due to its flexibility, scalability, and enterprise-ready features, making it a preferred choice for organizations aiming to streamline their digital operations and deliver compelling digital experiences., established in 2003, stands as one of the most frequented photography websites in the Netherlands. Our platform offers a captivating array of the latest photos (more than one hundred thousand) capturing various famous and extreme sports events worldwide, ranging from kiteboarding and car racing to cat sailing and running events.

We collaborate with a growing number of talented photographers who contribute their work to our site, ensuring a diverse and dynamic collection. Our commitment to leveraging modern digital imaging techniques, coupled with the utilization of Cloud-based Digital Asset Management Software (DAM) enables us to operate swiftly and efficiently.

Website Features:

  1. Event Listing: Users can easily browse through a variety of events.
  2. View Photos of Events: Visitors can view high-quality photos from different events.
  3. Event Photo Details: Each photo includes detailed information about the event.
  4. Download Photos: Users can download photos in different resolutions to suit their needs.
  5. About and Privacy Policy Pages: These provide comprehensive information about the site and its policies.
  6. Contact Us Form: A straightforward form allows users to get in touch with the site administrators.

This project is a personal blogging website of our CEO, Mr. Frank Mollers, built on Pimcore. It serves as a platform for Mr. Mollers to share his insights, experiences, and expertise with a wider audience. Through this website, visitors can delve into topics close to Mr. Mollers' heart, ranging from industry trends and leadership perspectives to personal anecdotes and reflections.

The use of Pimcore ensures a seamless and dynamic user experience, allowing for easy content creation, management, and interaction. This website embodies Mr. Mollers' vision and passion, offering a unique glimpse into his world and contributing to meaningful conversations within the online community.

Website Features:

  1. Blog Listing: A comprehensive list of blog posts.
  2. Pages: Dedicated sections for My Work, My Passion, About, and Gallery.
  3. Searching Blogs: Users can search through blog posts with ease.
  4. Blog Comments: Visitors can leave comments on blog posts.

Pimcore Features:

  1. Dynamic Components: Implemented Areabricks for the homepage slider.
  2. Dynamic Pages: Users can create pages and add dynamic content using grids, image blocks, text editors, and video Areabricks.
  3. Comment Management: Utilizes Data Objects for managing comments.
  4. Asset Upload: Allows for the upload and metadata addition to images.

Usage of Pimcore:

  1. Documents: Used for content management and routing.
  2. Assets: Handled image management.
  3. Data Objects: Employed for managing comments and author information.

Enterprise Usages:

  1. Workflow Designer: Manages document workflows efficiently.
  2. Headless Documents: Enables dynamic creation of headless Areabricks and layouts using YAML.
  3. Portal Engine: Enhances user interaction and content management.

Why Choose Pimcore?

Pimcore’s extensive capabilities and flexible architecture make it an ideal choice for enterprises seeking to enhance their digital presence. Here are some reasons why Pimcore stands out:

  1. Open-Source Flexibility: Pimcore’s open-source nature allows for extensive customization without the high costs associated with proprietary software.
  2. Unified Platform: Combines CMS, DAM, PIM, and CDM in a single platform, simplifying management and reducing overhead.
  3. Scalability: Designed to grow with your business, Pimcore can handle increasing amounts of data and users without compromising performance.
  4. User-Friendly Interface: Provides an intuitive interface for both developers and end-users, facilitating easy content creation and management.
  5. Enterprise-Ready: Offers robust security, multi-language support, and enterprise-grade features like workflow management and API integrations.


Javra Software's projects, and, demonstrate our profound expertise in Pimcore. These projects showcase our ability to harness Pimcore’s dynamic components, data management, and enterprise features to create robust, user-friendly, and dynamic web solutions. Whether it’s event photography or a vibrant blog platform, Javra Software delivers excellence through innovative use of technology. With Pimcore, we empower businesses to streamline their digital operations and deliver unparalleled digital experiences.