Javra Software

Javra Software was founded by our CEO Mr. Frank Möllers in 1999. His vision was to develop and support future proof  custom business applications against a competitive price. During the years clients  rewarded Javra for their services and Javra built up a good track record with their innovative projects.

Innovation is the key factor for Javra’s success, this is one of the reasons that Javra opened an office in Nepal. From 2006 a dedicated team of talented R&D experts are in our Nepal office to help clients with their cutting-edge projects or technical solutions.

In 2022, Javra established its third office for providing nearshore services from Lisbon, Portugal. A committed team of professionals is available in our extension office, for offering an even more extensive selection of products and services to our customers.

Working hard and having fun is an important part of the Javra culture. On a regular basis Javra organises team building sessions, in company training and successful project celebrations. The employees of Javra Software consider Javra as a family company. 


Javra Software is dedicated to help and support your business. Depending on your needs we deliver the full cycle software development, 24/7 IT-services, consultancy or capacity. Our one-stop-shop approach is appreciated by our clients. This is rewarded with a high satisfaction rate and long term client partnerships.


We have flexible delivery models to bring you a suitable solution. The extensive knowledge and experience of Javra Software makes it possible to be pragmatic if needed. Therefore we are trusted advisers and clients award us with strategic relationships.


One distinctive feature of Javra Software is our own research and development department. Innovation projects need additional research to investigate feasibility and requirements. We largely invest in R&D to deliver advanced and cutting-edge software solutions to keep our clients ahead of their competition .


Based in the Netherlands, Javra Software successfully provides offshore services from Nepal since 2006 . Depending on your sourcing strategy we deliver our services. Our slogan “offshore delivery if possible and on-site delivery when needed” resulted in competitive pricing and good business performances for our clients.


Social corporate responsibility 

With the aim to help disadvantaged young children  and girls of the village community of Nepal we initiated to support government schools of remote areas of Nepal since 2015.

Due to lack of regular school essentials most of the children drops out from school  and specially girls from village community drops out from school in lack of proper cloths and  sanitary materials. Clean drinking water and proper toilets, class rooms are also another major problems for schools in Nepal due to which children often get sick or gets demotivated to attend school.

To reduce the problem and to empower children/school management we started to support them by providing daily school necessities such as sanitary pads, stationaries , school dress, shoes, school bags, undergarments, umbrella and other essential school materials. Fulfilment of this requirments  helps and motivates  girls and children to go to school regularly. We also help in providing clean drinking water, upgrading and renovating class rooms and toilets.

We are blessed to be able to support the education of deprive children of Nepal  and we hope to continue providing support to  underprivileged children to help them get access to education.

Our Partners

Microsoft Azure

The Microsoft Silver Competency represents one of the highest certifications available to Microsoft Partners. As a Silver partner, Javra Software has an intensive relationship with Microsoft, which has resulted in a broad portfolio of services. Microsoft is a strategic partner in automation for Javra Software and for its customers. By optimally integrating processes, we create added value, new insights and organizations can get the most out of an investment. Together with Microsoft, we invest in knowledge and expertise.

Progress software

Progress has grown from its founding in 1981 to today with offices on six continents and 100,000 enterprise customers around the globe. Over that time, Progress Software has kept the same commitment to creating tools and services that enable organizations to build their mission-critical applications while remaining firmly on the cutting edge of technology to build the applications of tomorrow.


Progaia IT Solutions “The Integration Engineers” is a specialist in the field of integration in the broadest sense of the word. Application Integration, Data Integration, Big Data, Data Warehouse and Internet of Things are the expertise. Progaia takes care of the integration of your IT landscape and is the access to more overview and order in your company.


Pimcore is an award-winning application that offers significant business value by breaking down multiple data silos that exist in many organizations. It empower companies around the world with the latest technology to take a more agile, low-risk digitization path. It has 80.000+ trusted customers. The customers use PIMcore to centralize their data management activities, simplify IT environments, automate processes and develop amazing digital experiences for better business performance.