How to enable your E-Commerce Strategy?

Enabling commercial strategies by building e-commerce platform, sales and ordering channels and portals

Flexible ways to Connect with your Customers

The consumerization of IT enables you to engage with your customers at a whole new level, but how do you address the challenges that comes with it, and what is a solid and good approach?

For retail and wholesale organizations, it is obvious that their engagement model with their customers has changed rapidly over the years. An emerging pattern is the enablement of self-service. Although there are different B2B and B2C models, the focus is based on conversion and transactions.

Creating an E-Commerce Strategy for Organizations

Every e-commerce strategy is built around conversion, no matter what type of organization you are. Besides that, there are considerations in the area of optimizing workflows and the elimination of redundant processes. Finding the balance in giving customers the self-service ability they are asking for and at the same time enhancing customer intimacy is the challenge for retail and wholesale organizations nowadays.

Organizations have different engagement models, and finding the balance in e-commerce and personal interaction will not be the same across the board. By listening to your customers you can identify their specific needs and prioritize that by the business drivers you find important.

Case Study

Download our case study about how we enabled one of our customers with their E-commerce strategy.

Enabling IT E-Commerce Strategy

Due to consumerization of IT, enterprises nowadays often choose a “touch first” strategy to offer customers the easiest way to make transactions possible. Doesn’t matter if you are using Dynamics, SAP, Oracle, OpenEdge or an ERP business application based on another platform. You need a flexible way to connect with your customers.

The high level objectives are:

– Embrace Enterprise Mobility
– Build ICT solutions that support the proliferation of mobile clients
– Move data from any back-end system out to any device
– Create Customer solutions that are adapted for the mobile experience

In general sense, the way to enable your e-commerce strategy is to make the functionality and business logic that is already in your business applications available via Web APIs. This way you can integrate mobile Apps and web-applications with your existing IT environment, and enable customers to make transactions.

The advantage of this approach is that it is lightweight and there is no need for expensive, complex software. Web services and APIs have rapidly become the standard in integration due to its ability to deliver business value faster so that your time to market is shorter.

How can Javra facilitate E-Commerce Strategy?

At Javra we believe that a balanced model of customer intimacy and self-service will increase conversion and that e-commerce will drive a substantial part of your business. For companies in Europe and US, we enabled their e-commerce strategy by creating the API ecosystem, web, and mobile Apps.