Step into the future of data management with Pimcore 11! Discover the game-changing advancements introduced in the major update to the Pimcore Core Framework. Embrace future-ready improvements that will revolutionize the way you handle and leverage your data.

Experience a future where efficiency and scalability drive your business to succeed in a competitive landscape. Pimcore 11 establishes new standards for the Pimcore Platform, ensuring future-proof capabilities and paving the way for exciting innovations. Thrive in the years to come with groundbreaking advancements and stay ahead of the curve.  Unlock the full potential of this cutting-edge solution and propel your organization to the forefront of the dynamic digital landscape. Seize the opportunity to revolutionize your data management strategy and establish your position as a leader. Stay ahead of the curve and embrace the power of next-generation capabilities for unparalleled success.

Technical Changes

Pimcore 11 introduces important improvements, including enhanced structure, optimized integrations, and fundamental enhancements. These updates lay the foundation for better performance and reliability, paving the way for exciting new features in the future. Experience increased efficiency and unlock the potential for groundbreaking capabilities yet to come.

1. Improving code quality and structure for enhanced performance.

Streamlined Bundles: To enhance flexibility and efficiency during development, less frequently used features have been organized into distinct bundles. This approach optimizes the core, resulting in a leaner framework that empowers seamless customization and boosts overall performance.

Enhanced Type Support: Pimcore has implemented native PHP types for parameters and return types, creating a strictly typed Pimcore Core Framework. This advancement elevates code quality and stability, enabling developers to write intuitive code while minimizing type errors during production.

Elevated Test Coverage and Analysis: In anticipation of future changes and adaptations, we have significantly expanded test coverage and implemented static analysis checks across all packages. These advancements greatly enhance the overall quality of our offerings, ensuring that the developer community can benefit from a robust and reliable framework for years to come.

Webpack: Pimcore now utilizes Webpack to package and install essential front-end dependencies, including JavaScript and CSS files, for the Pimcore Backend User Interface (UI). This implementation simplifies future updates and ensures that components remain up-to-date, providing an efficient and streamlined approach to managing front-end dependencies.

Enhanced Security with Content Security Policy (CSP): Pimcore now includes CSP as the default setting for the Backend Interface. This feature helps safeguard against attacks like cross-site scripting (XSS) and data injection. By implementing CSP, we fortify the platform’s security and reduce the chances of data breaches or malicious activities.

2. Upgrading Third-Party Dependencies in Pimcore

  • Pimcore 11 now fully supports PHP 8.2, with PHP 8.1 being the minimum requirement. By embracing the latest PHP version, we leverage new language features to enhance code quality, security, and performance. With PHP support and security fixes ensured for the next three years, Pimcore 11 guarantees a reliable and future-proof PHP environment.
  • Extensive maintenance work has been done to update all third-party dependencies to their latest versions. This strategic update allows us to leverage the latest features and benefit from long-term support and security updates. By establishing a robust foundation for Pimcore 11, we ensure its readiness for the years ahead.
  • As a vital third-party dependency, Symfony has been upgraded to its latest version, 6.2. This upgrade grants access to cutting-edge features, ongoing support, and essential security patches for at least the next four years. With this enhanced integration, Pimcore 11 stays at the forefront of technology, guaranteeing a secure and sustainable platform.

3. Reducing Technical Debt through Refactoring

A key aspect of the Pimcore 11 release is dedicated refactoring to ensure the codebase remains up-to-date and maintainable for the long term. This initiative results in an enhanced developer experience, reduced maintenance efforts, and a stable core framework. By investing in codebase improvements, Pimcore guarantees a smoother development journey, easier maintenance, and a solid foundation for future growth.

Key highlights:

  • The codebase has been optimized by removing deprecated features, implementations, and outdated backward compatibility layers. This ensures a cleaner and more efficient codebase, enhancing overall performance and maintainability.
  • The core bundles’ code structure has been revamped to adhere to the latest conventions and best practices. This update brings improved organization and clarity to the codebase, making it easier to understand and maintain.
  • Integration with newer versions of third-party frameworks, such as Symfony, has introduced standard implementations for features like session handling, authentication, and Symfony runtime components. By leveraging these standard implementations, the complexity of the codebase is reduced, leading to cleaner and more streamlined code.

4. Fundamental Refactorings for Enhanced Performance:

  • Pimcore 11 now offers an abstraction layer for the WYSIWYG editor, with the ultra-modern TinyMCE as the default implementation. This feature allows seamless integration of other WYSIWYG editors through extensions, providing users with a wide range of options to customize their editing experience.
  • The introduction of Gotenberg, a highly versatile PDF generator, enhances the document preview capabilities for office files such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Additionally, Gotenberg enables easy creation of PDFs within the web2print module. Its integration as a microservice, including Docker container support, simplifies the system infrastructure and reduces overall complexity.
  • imcore 11 introduces improved extensibility by adding support for custom document and asset types. With this feature, developers can effortlessly implement their own types through extensions, tailoring Pimcore to their unique requirements. Furthermore, the new functionality allows the development of extensions supporting 3D file formats, expanding the possibilities for customization.
  • Pimcore’s data modeling capabilities have been enhanced with the addition of new range data types for data objects. These include number range, quantity value range, and date range, providing users with more precise and flexible data management options within the platform.

5. Enhancements to the Pimcore Ecosystem:

  • Pimcore 11 incorporates updates for all Pimcore extensions, ensuring seamless compatibility with the latest version. This guarantees that all extensions function harmoniously within the Pimcore ecosystem, providing users with a reliable and integrated experience.
  • The integration of all Pimcore extensions into the POEditor translation workflow brings added convenience to the community. Users now have the ability to translate labels for both Pimcore core and extensions in their preferred languages. This inclusive approach enables users to ensure accurate translations throughout their entire platform, regardless of the language used.
  • To further support users, Pimcore will soon release comprehensive documentation consolidating all Pimcore extensions into a unified source. This documentation will feature advanced search capabilities and utilize the latest technology, simplifying the access to extensive information about the extensions and their functionalities.

Pimcore sets the stage for a future-proof ecosystem that embraces the latest industry standards and best practices. With a steadfast commitment to continuous innovation, Pimcore ensures that businesses stay ahead of the curve. Embrace the boundless possibilities and propel your organization’s digital initiatives with Pimcore. Together, we’ll navigate the ever-evolving landscape and unlock a future with Javra Software where innovation knows no limits.

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